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  1. @ dragonb:
  2. plateou @ plateou:
    yeah fatekid it doesnt work its the leaked version
  3. plateou @ plateou:
    can you download it and reupload it to a newer version since its outdated
  4. @ dragonb:
  5. FateKid @ FateKid:
    No problem. Seems like a load of updates today
  6. @ DeividasAr:
  7. FateKid @ FateKid:
    Looks to be an issue from the developer side of things, specifically with the VanillaReceipeBook, ActionBar Slots, etc. DeividasAr
  8. DarkDancer @ DarkDancer:
    how should I submit the resources I have?
  9. FateKid @ FateKid:
    You can either let us upload them, or make the uploads yourself :)
  10. FateKid @ FateKid:
  11. @ Alpon:
    FateKid Why turkey is blacklisted for registering
  12. @ Alpon:
    No one can register (asked some friend and they can't register too)
  13. FateKid @ FateKid:
    Your account is valid, I'm confused.
  14. @ Alpon:
    opened from a vds
  15. @ Alpon:
  16. @ Alpon:
    I know a lot of retarded turkish kiddos but i don't think right choice of banning all turkish ppl
  17. @ Alpon:
    Moderators are here for banning these kiddos
  18. @ Alpon:
    + turkey has a big population for minecraft, they will buy membership from here (a little bit of them, others will be use ReLeak)
  19. FateKid @ FateKid:
    Alpon, we do not restrict turkish users.
  20. RazorPlay01 @ RazorPlay01:
  21. FateKid @ FateKid:
  22. @ Alpon:
    FateKid Its giving spam protection error, i don't remember whats writing at there but your anti bot software is blocking turkish users
  23. RainbowBrain @ RainbowBrain:
  24. DevLogic @ DevLogic:
    We have many turkish users Alpon
  25. DevLogic @ DevLogic:
    Can you reply to my PM and I'll see if I can help you fix this?
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