♣ ChatControl Pro™ - Format and Filter Your Chat [1.7.10 - 1.16.4]

Premium MC Plugin ♣ ChatControl Pro™ - Format and Filter Your Chat [1.7.10 - 1.16.4] 8.9.10
The ultimate chat solution. Destroy spam, caps, ads, swears and even bots on your server!


We will continue maintaining ChatControl Pro for at least the next 12 months, but won't add any new features.






ChatControl is the most comprehensive and configurable solution that will pimp your server's grade to a new level! It was originally made to prevent spam, ads, swear words or bots from ruining your server, but it has evolved far beyond a chat controlling plugin.

Fully supporting powerful regular expressions allows to significantly reduce amount of spam, caps, ads, swearing and even bots on your server.

While beginners will appreciate ability to create rules in-game and richly commented configuration files with examples, advanced users engage the power of regular expressions, and can write their own JavaScript scripts to create own variables or events. JSON is fully supported in messages.
But it offers so much more!


Notice: You can disable every feature and hide each message. ChatControl has almost ZERO hard-coded features that cannot be changed. Everything is customizable.

The Five Layered Anti-Spam™ Destroys Spammers Like A Bawl
  1. Prevent TOO FAST messages and commands.
  2. Block SIMILAR messages and commands.
  3. Blocks different but REPETITIVE messages (hello, t, hello, t).
  4. TIME FRAME LIMIT limits the amount of messages and commands in a time frame dynamically!
  5. PARROT ANTI-COPY prevents repeating messages from other players!
An image showing the new adaptive anti-spam, one among five (!) anti-spam layers we offer to absolutely eliminate any kind of misbehavior:

  • Supports non-English servers and diacritical marks (äøôšć).
  • Disable 'disconnect.spam' kick with a simple permission.
  • Whitelist supporting regular expressions.
  • Supports Warn&Point system.
Beautiful Chat Formatter
Turn the default boring chat into a high grade beautiful chat that interacts with the player itself.
  • Supports RANGED CHAT - speak to a certain distance, or override and speak globally.
    • Per world chat.
    • Linked chat in several worlds.
  • SPY MODE and ADMIN CHAT for staff.
  • BungeeCord, DiscordSRV and PlaceholderAPI support.
  • Unlimited possibilities with thousands of placeholders and JAVASCRIPT CONDITIONS you can make some parts of a message (dis)appear dynamically!
  • COLOR AND DECORATION menu! Select the desired color and decoration any time, independently of your permission plugin.
An image showing the Color & Decoration menu, where you can easily choose your chat color and decoration. The setting is written to a disk file so it remembers you next time you log-in unless you reset it. Notice: If you hate this feature you can completely cut it off. It will never show up.
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