MC Plugin LostBedWars 2.3.17
Language System, Shopkeeper Skins, DeathCries, Boxes. Solo, Doubles, 3v3v3v3, 4v4v4v4 and more.


This is a Bed Wars plugin based in the most popular server and it's fully customizable! You can create your own maps, leaderboards, languages, playnpcs, shopkeeper skins and more!

  • API
  • MultiArena
  • LeaderBoards
  • Play Game NPCs
  • Statistics
  • Coins (Compatible with Vault)
  • Experience and Level
  • Customizable Languages
  • 4 Game Modes: solo, doubles 3v3v3v3 and 4v4v4v4
  • Shopkeeper Skins (Editable, by default has 11 skins)
  • Death Cries (Editable, by default has 12 cries)
  • Watch System (Watch other players ingame)
  • Favorite Maps and Daily Limit for Normal Players
  • 2 Database Types: MySQL, SQLite
  • Titles, Actionbar and Scoreboard
  • Ingame events time editable on settings
  • Language System (per player)
  • Fully customizable Menus into Language file
In this plugin you can create your own language files.
  • By default, the plugin comes with the en_US language.
  • The language is applied per player, meaning you will no longer have difficulty with players from other countries or languages.
  • To create a new language access the plugin's languages folder and copy the en_US.ymlfile and rename it to whatever language you want, just edit it.
    • TIP: If you need a skinvalue (skull item skin) for your language I recommend this site: Minecraft-heads
    • Skins values looks like that:
    • eyJ0ZXh0dXJlcyI6eyJTS0lOIjp7InVybCI6Imh0dHA6Ly90ZXh0dXJlcy5taW5lY3JhZnQubmV0L3RleHR1cmUvNGNhYzk3NzRkYTEyMTcyNDg1MzJjZTE0N2Y3ODMxZjY3YTEyZmRjY2ExY2YwY2I0YjM4NDhkZTZiYzk0YjQifX19
      Spoiler: Pictures
Non-player npcs that allow the user to join games.
  • Command: /lbw playnpc
  • The skins of the NPC can be edited for each mode using /lbw playnpc setskin <mode> <username>
    Spoiler: Pictures
All scoreboards of this plugin is fully customizable in language file.

  • The scoreboard also has a scroller, can be edited on settings.
    Spoiler: Pictures

A hologram that will show the best players in some stats of the game.

  • Command: /lbw leaderboard
  • Available Stats: KILLS, WINS and LEVEL.
    Spoiler: Pictures
  • Mystery Vault and The Delivery Man
    • Mystery Vault is an optional integration with the LostBoxesplugin, which gives the possibility to open mystery boxes.
      • When playing matches you can receive a Mystery Box, in Mystery Vault you can open it to receive a random reward from those listed in the Box.
      • You always need LostBoxes to use the internal system of mystery boxes.
    • The Delivery Man is an npc that offers the ability to distribute rewards to your loyal or higher rank players every month or days.
      Spoiler: Pictures
  • Party System is an optional integration with LostParties plugin, allows the creation of groups with players, so that when the leader connects to the server members are sent together and if possible on the same team.
Player Commands:

  • /stats <username> - Shows username stats.
  • /watch <username> - Watch a player match.
Admin Commands:
  • /lbw - Main command.
  • /lbw <page> - Help page.
  • /lbw setlobby - Set the lobby of your server.
  • /lbw build - Enable builder mode.
  • /lbw leaderboard - Manage LeaderBoards.
  • /lbw leaderboard add - Add a LeaderBoard.
  • /lbw leaderboard remove - Remove a LeaderBoard.
  • /lbw playnpc - Manage PlayNPCs.
  • /lbw playnpc add - Add a PlayNPC.
  • /lbw playnpc remove - Remove a PlayNPC.
  • /lbw playnpc setskin <mode> <user> - Set skin of the NPCs to a skin from user.
  • /lbw deliverynpc - Manage DeliveryMans NPCs.
  • /lbw deliverynpc add - Add a DeliveryMan.
  • /lbw deliverynpc remove - Remove a DeliveryMan.
  • /lbw deliverynpc setskin <user> - Set skin of the Delivery Man to a skin from user.
  • /lbw boxnpc - Manage MysteryVaults.
  • /lbw boxnpc add - Add a MysteryVault.
  • /lbw boxnpc remove - Remove a MysteryVault.
  • /lbw shopkeeperskin - Create new Shopkeeper Skin.
  • /lbw deathcry - Create new Death Cry.
  • /lbw give coins <player> <amount> - Give coins to a player.
  • /lbw remove coins <player> <amount> - Remove coins from a player.
  • /lbw fstart - Force starts your current server.
  • /lbw load - Load a world of server folder.
  • /lbw unload - Unload a server world.
  • /lbw teleport - Teleport to an server world.
  • /lbw create - Create a new game.
  • /lbw spawn - Enter in the spawn mode (Add spawns in a game).
  • /lbw generator - Enter in the generator mode (Add generators in a game).

  • lostbedwars.lobby.fly - Fly in lobby.
  • lostbedwars.chat.delay - Bypass delay to text on chat.
  • lostbedwars.chat.color - Use colors on chat.
  • lostbedwars.mapselector.infinite - Infinite map selector attempts.
  • lostbedwars.cmd.bedwars - Use /lbw (All Commands).
  • lostbedwars.cmd.stats - Use /stats <username>.
  • lostbedwars.cmd.watch - Use /watch <username>.

  • Compatible spigot.
    • How to see your version?
      • Open the .jar with rar viewer and open the folders in that order: net, minecraft, server.
      • If you've opened folders correctly will have the folder with server version.
    • Compatible:
      • v1_8_R3
      • v1_9_R1 (Not fully tested)
      • v1_10_R1 (Not fully tested)
      • v1_11_R1 (Not fully tested)
      • v1_12_R1 (Not fully tested)
  • Download plugin.
  • Drag and drop all you downloaded into your plugins directory.
  • Start the server for creating default configs.
  • Stop the server and Configure what your needs.
  • You can edit or add a new language in LostBedWars/languages
  • Enjoy!
Author FateKid
5,910 pts
2.3.17 Version
4.81 star(s) 47 ratings Average Rating (47)

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