LagAssist ⚡ Advanced Performance Solution ⚡ 1.8 - 1.19.X COMPATIBLE

Free MC Plugin LagAssist ⚡ Advanced Performance Solution ⚡ 1.8 - 1.19.X COMPATIBLE 2.29.0
Anti-Lag, Anti-Crasher, Chunk Hoppers, Mob Stacker, Custom View-Distance & more in a single package


(!) Notice:
All servers are different, and one default config can't cover all of their needs. The large array of cultures, server game modes, and game mechanics makes lagassist benefit largely from being configured. Additionally, LagAssist is a TECHNICAL plugin, and some features require game knowledge to properly use. Some features may cause more damage when used improperly.
For example, the stats bar has a high footprint on 1.13+ versions due to the multithreaded chunk system and should be turned off outside of optimization sessions.

I've had many bad reviews due to issues with misconfiguration or improper usage, so please watch the video on configuring lagassist if you are not sure about what you're doing.
If you need help, please contact us on our discord support page.
(!) Update Notice:
LagAssist has reached its stable point, and updates are not as frequent as before. This is not because the plugin is abandoned, but because it is 95% complete, with infrequent updates made to refine the remaining 5%. Obviously, we're still open to requests. If you find something that causes lag and that lagassist can't fix, you can make a ticket on our discord and get that taken care of by our team. Thanks!
(!) Refund guaranteed, no questions asked:
We trust in LagAssist's ability to solve your performance issues. Because of that, we have implemented a 1-week no-questions-asked refund policy. If you feel that the plugin has not been able to improve your server's performance, just let us know and you'll receive your money back!
LagAssist is a plugin created to help manually and automatically reduce lag. It includes many tools that can be used to locate lag sources and remove them. It also includes various benchmark features, that will help you plan your infrastructure ahead.
LagAssist is also light-weight, consuming only 0.4% of ticks with 100 players online, while also retaining a lot of features.

LagAssist can be used to replace a wide array of gameplay & lag-related plugins while also reducing costs. LagAssist's features are often more light-weight without removing any functionality.
These are the plugins whose features lagassist can replace:
[li]MergedMob - 18$[/li]
[li]React - 5.99$[/li]
[li]JetsSellChest - 5$~[/li]
[li]FPSHelper - 4.5$[/li]
[li]FarmLimiter - 4$[/li]
[li]Redstone Clock Detector -1.5$[/li]
[li]HLR (Crop hoppers) - 0$[/li]
[li]Best View Distance - 0$
[li]McCleaner - 0$[/li]
[li]CustomPayloadFixer - 0$[/li]
[li]FixCrashBook - 0$[/li]
[li]LagAssist's Unique Features[/li]
Total Price (Separate): 39$
LagAssist Price: ~11$
Saved Money: ~28$
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