UltimateShout Pro

MC Plugin UltimateShout Pro 2.0.9
The pro version of the Ultimate Shout plugin | Player (shout|broadcast) | FORMATS | SOUNDS and more!

With this plugin you can allow your players to shout in the chat. It's easy to use, has many features and is fully configurable. You can create a format which allows you to set tooltips and commands on different parts of the formats.

This is the pro version of UltimateShout which can be found here.

  • Unlimited highly configurable shout formats.
  • Cooldown which is configurable per format
  • Sound which is configurable per format
  • Configurable shortcut to shout fast.
  • You can log all shouts in a separated log file.
  • Cooldown will not be shown in just seconds but will be formatted to seconds, minutes, hours and/or days.
  • Vault, PlaceholderAPI, Essentials, CMI, ChatControl, NetworkManager and WorldGuard support

- Filter for shout messages. (Block advertising, swearing, etc)


UltimateShout Pro adds a WorldGuard flag called allow-shout which allows you to define if shout in a specific region is allowed or not.

If you want to allow shout in all worlds but don't want to add the name of every world you can just add 'all' to the allowedWorlds list.

UltimateShout Pro makes use of Adventure's MiniMessage. You can find more information on it's format here.

/shout reload
/shout <message>

ultimateshoutpro.shout.use # To make use of shout.
ultimateshoutpro.shout.<format> # This specifies your format.
ultimateshoutpro.shout.nocooldown # With this permission you bypass cooldown
ultimateshoutpro.shout.reload # With this permission you can reload the configurations files.
ultimateshoutpro.chatcolor # Gives permission to allow color codes in shout messages
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