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MC Plugin ⭐ Drop2Inventory Plus ⭐ 4.4.4
Best drop collection plugin! Reduces lag and frustration! 100% customizable + auto config update

Automatically collects block / mob drops!
Supports all other plugins!
No more lag caused by items, no more frustration caused by having to collect them.

Why Premium?
Coding and selling plugins is my only source of income. I wouldn't have time for any plugins if I had another job. All my plugins are of course a lifetime-purchase, you will get access to all future updates and only have to pay once.

Unlike the free, outdated and unsupported version of Drop2Inventory, this version features the following new additions:
  • Totally new mechanism to detect drops - this plugin has NOTHING to do with the outdated free version
  • Support for mcMMO and ALL other plugins!
  • Support for custom drops from EVERY plugin / resource pack!
  • Detection of hoppers (to not interrupt your auto farms) with configurable ranges
  • Detection of dispensers / droppers to not break your redstone machines
  • Ability to control auto-condensing of ingots (and basically any other item [configurable]) via permissions
  • Custom event priorities in case other plugins cause trouble
  • Ability to show an action bar message when trying to pickup stuff while your inventory is full
  • Ability to toggle Drop2Inventory for other players. This can be used to control Drop2Inventory using GUIs or by other plugins, from console, etc.
  • Exclusive support via Discord
  • Increased performance by huge amounts
  • Many more features
What is this?
When you break a block or kill a mob, the drops will get put directly into your inventory. If your inventory is full, the items will drop on the floor. Players need the permission drop2inventory.use to use this feature. The drop collection can be toggled per player using the command /drop2inv or /drop2inventory. You can also force every player to have Drop2Inventory enabled to reduce server lag by setting "always-enabled: true" in the config.yml.

Block drops, experience, Fortune enchantment and tool damage works just like in vanilla. That means you get a random amount of glowstone dust when breaking glowstone, seeds along with wheat, etc. Works also for blocks that need certain tools and the silk touch enchantment.

Feature requests and bug reports only in the discussion or on my Discord please.

WorldGuard etc. supported: Drop2Inventory will not put the drop into your inventory when other plugins cancel the BlockDropItemEvent.
You can also disable Drop2Inventory for certain blocks or mobs. This is useful if you use other plugins that change the drops of specific blocks/mobs. You can also use a whitelist instead. See the config file for more information.

/drop2inv or /drop2inventory
Toggles automatic drop collection per player
Permission: drop2inventory.use

Allows usage of automatic drop collection

Allows you to auto-condense your ingots into blocks (configurable, of course)

Allows to reload the config using "/drop2inv reload"

All messages are customizable.

Please contact me in the discussion or on Discord when you encounter any bugs or have any ideas for improvements.

Auto config update
The configuration file is automatically generated if it does not exist. On every new Drop2InventoryPlus release, the config file will be updated to include the newest options. Your changes will be kept.
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