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Best death chest plugin available! 100% customizable + economy support + auto config update ...

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Puts your inventory into a protected chest when you die.
(See below for differences between this and the outdated free version)


...and may the odds be ever in your favor! Never lose your stuff to looting players again! When you die, an AngelChest is created. The chest will be locked for a configurable amount of time, and then just drops its contents. You can also unlock your chest, for example if you died in company of a friend, or have it unlock automatically after a specified amount of time. The chest will hold your complete inventory including armor slots. Experience or experience levels can also be stored. You can also set the duration per player, just see the groups.example.yml file.


When you rightclick the AngelChest, your inventory will be restored. If not all items can be stored (because you picked something up after respawning), the remaining items will be left in the chest and you can decide which items you want to take/leave behind. You can also directly open the chest via shift-rightclick if you wish to take only some items (see screenshots at the bottom of the description). Once the chest is emptied or the duration is reached, it will despawn and drop the remaining items.

Players can have more than one AngelChest. They can teleport themself to their chests, or fetch the chests to oneself (see permissions below). You can also set a custom price for spawning, opening, teleporting to or fetching the chest to use with economy plugins (only if you have Vault installed).

It is also possible to limit the cases when a chest spawns, e.g. you can disable it for lava deaths or during PvP, or disallow it from being locked or collecting XP during PvP, in certain WorldGuard regions, etc.

All messages are 100 % customizable. Also the config file includes more than 130 options!

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