1. FateKid

    MC Plugin GemStones | Custom Currency | Shop GUI | Model Support ✅ 1.2

    Reward your players with an extra grind incentive or use this as your main currency. GemStones is a custom currency plugin with a full customizable shop GUI. Features Configurable messages & menus Add unlimited shop categories, items, as many as you want Shop supports running commands & or...
  2. beeof

    MC Jars FoxSpigot |1.8.8 2023-10-15

    FoxSpigot - Cheap and Reliable 1.8.8 PvP PaperSpigot Fork If you're looking for a good PaperSpigot fork for your PvP server, worry not! FoxSpigot offers a lot of customizable values for your knockback profiles; over 16 values in fact! It's performance is also decent considering it's low price...
  3. Envoia

    Guide Getting started with Intellij to code your own Plugins! (Outdated)

    * This guide will be using Windows - macOS and Linux might be added later* ** Pictures will be added later ** *** This guide wont be going over plugin coding, just how to get started with IntelliJ and Plugins. I plan on posting beginner coding guides in the future. *** Installing Intelli Start...
  4. FateKid

    MC Plugin Dimensions | Custom Portals (FULL) 3.2.2

    If you are interested in buying Dimensions then you should read these TOS before you complete the purchase Nobody is perfect. There could be a few bugs in the plugin that have not been spotted by me or the people in the testing team. If you encounter one, simply report it on the discussion page...
  5. FateKid

    MC Plugin Bank [1.8 - 1.16.4] NOW WITH ADMIN GUI MENU AND NEW PLACEHOLDERS! 2.0.1

    PLUGIN IS NOT CURRENTLY UPDATED! ONLY SUPPORTED VERSION IS THE CURRENT VERSION! DO NOT BUY IF YOU EXCEPT UPDATES SOON. BankReloaded is a realistic bank system with loans, fees, interests and much more features ! Players don't need to wait to earn money ! Just borrow it! The new extended...
  6. FateKid

    MC Plugin ⭐ GSShopSystem ⭐ Best network 3in1 in-game shop ⭐ GS Original BETA-2.0v4

  7. FateKid

    MC Plugin VEGAS ⭐ CASINO PLUGIN ► 15 GAME MODES [1.12 - 1.20.2] 1.12-1.20.2

    Hello everyone. This plugin is designed for various types of servers and adds 14 GUI MINIGAMES. All minigames have their own special mechanics, their own prize boosters and bonuses. The balance of game modes is optimized and made so that the player can play for a long time with one amount, in...
  8. FateKid

    MC Plugin ♛ Paintball ♛ [8 GAMES IN 1] TDM, FFA, CTF, DTC, RTF, KC, LTS, DOM 3.9.12

    Used on networks with 600+ players 1.8-1.12 use 2.0.5 1.13 and above is the latest version Note: If you are unhappy with the plugin for any reason within 30 days I will offer a refund and you will lose access to the plugin. Message me and we can get any problems worked out! The Giant Feature...
  9. FateKid

    MC Plugin CoreProtect Legacy Edition (Patreon) 2.15.2

    ⚠️ This plugin works on Spigot & BungeeCord ⚠️ INTRODUCTION AntiBotDeluxe is the most efficient, reliable and modern AntiBot resource for proxies available. AntiBotDeluxe uses a combination of a handful of unique and enhanced checks, to keep your server protected. Together with our intricated...
  10. FateKid

    MC Plugin QuestsBar 2.1

    QuestsBar is a plugin which can display a boss bar with text for objective progress within the free Quests plugin (required). Give your players an easy, attractive way to view their current task! Works with Minecraft 1.8 and up. Bar color can only be configured on 1.9 and up. Setup is a...
  11. FateKid

    MC Plugin ⚡Ultra Backpacks ⚡️[1.8-1.19] ~ The BEST Backpack system for your Prison server 1.2.9

    Detailed Features and other informations can be found here.
  12. FateKid

    MC Plugin ⭐ StackResize ⭐ 1.6.1

    Are you annoyed that you cannot stack water buckets? That you need 6 double chests just to store your enchanted books? Does it bother you that you can stack useless bread up to 64 in one stack, but that you can only fit like 45 expensive rabbit stews into a whole inventory? StackResize allows...
  13. FateKid

    MC Plugin Minigame Maker ➤ Easily create endless minigames 1.6.4 BETA

    This plugin is meant for experienced server owners & developers that wish to get creative. We do not have the time to provide support due to time limitations. Minigame Maker Consistently Developed Since 2016 Out-Of-The-Box Functionality Simplified Configuration UUID-Based Storage Highly...
  14. FateKid

    MC Plugin PluginManager+ 2.7.6

    This plugin is very easy to set up and with only a few steps you will be able to control any plugin without any need for restarting your server ever again. Download the plugin by clicking the "Download Now" button Put the plugin in the /plugins folder of your server Restart or reload the server...
  15. FateKid

    MC Plugin [1.8.8 - 1.20.4] LifestealCore - The premium lifesteal experience. (NOW WITH CUSTOM TEXTURES!) 2024.01-a

    Quick overview: Lifesteal at its core allows for players to gain an extra heart when killing players and lose a heart when dying. LifestealCore which is a heavily tested and extremely configurable plugin, takes this basic concept and elevates it to make your server stand out with the many...
  16. Lil Putin Baby

    MC Jars kSpigot | PaperSpigot Fork [1.12.2] | Performance Boost | Multi Threading | 50% OFF 1.5

  17. FateKid

    MC Plugin OneUseObject ☄️ Create One-Time Items that Execute Commands! ⭕ Sounds ✨ Random and Temporal commands 1.5.182b

    How does it work? ⚒ This plugin creates items that execute certain, random and temporal commands when the player right/left clicks (as you can specify in the config.yml) with it on his hands. Likewise, the OneUseObject is removed from the player’s inventory, only being able to use it once...
  18. FateKid

    MC Plugin [30% OFF] SchemBucket | Schematic GenBucket | 1.8 - 1.16 1.9.5

  19. FateKid

    MC Plugin ✅⚡ hClaims ⚡✅ [1.8 - 1.20.x] GUI based claim plugin! Member moderation, Map, WorldBorder and Timer 3.1.7

    hclaims.max.mainclaim.<amount> - hclaims.max.mainclaim.1 hclaims.max.chunk.<amount> - hclaims.max.chunk.8 hclaims.max.claimtime.<second> - hclaims.max.claimtime.5184000 hclaims.max.member.<count> - hclaims.max.member.20 hclaims.money.mainclaim.<number>.<money> - hclaims.money.mainclaim.3.10000...
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