MC Plugin JetsHoppers | STATS | GUI | FILTERS | LINKING | HOLOGRAMS |1.8 - 1.20 SUPPORT 3.4.3
Quickly link, sync & apply filters to hoppers via an easy GUI - HOLOGRAMS!


JetsHoppers provides a new dimension for Hoppers in Minecraft! Allow players to easily connect, chain, teleport and apply filtering to their hoppers via an easy-to-use (and completely configurable) GUI.


  • Upgrade Hoppers with $$$, configure their stats at each level
  • Create unlimited custom hopper types
  • Completely customizable GUI's
  • Every Grief-Prevention plugin supported (Skyblocks, Worldguard, factions, etc)
  • Improve server performance by having one JetsHopper, rather than 100's of normal hoppers
  • Create teleporting links between hoppers
  • Apply hopper filtering via a GUI
  • Link other Containers to a hopper to deposit items in, over a distance (configurable)
  • API
  • Stats (such as total items transferred) are stored
  • Awesome customisable Holograms, that show stats! - Players may disable them in the menu


Spoiler: IMAGES


There are no real commands needed for players, instead I suggest giving them these permissions:

General Permissions:
jetshoppers.default.* -
Permissions below
jetshoppers.default.teleport - Allows players to teleport the teleport status on a hopper
jetshoppers.default.linkchest- Allows players to link a container to the hopper
jetshoppers.default.hologram - Allows players to toggle the hologram

Admin Permissions & Commands
jetshoppers.admin.hopperbypass - Open another players hoppers GUI
jetshoppers.admin.givecommand - Access to the Give Command - /jetshoppers give <player> <type> <amount>
- Access to reload the configuration files - /jetshoppers reload - Access to the Information command - /jetshoppers info


Pretty simple, just put the plugin in plugins folder and all should be well.


There is quite a few files that can be customised. These can be found here


API can be found here:
To use, just use JetsHoppersPlugin.getInstance()



Any problems, questions or suggestions send me a PM here, on Spigot - I'm pretty active, or join the discord at the top


By buying this plugin you agree to the following terms:
  • You will not chargeback - If you have a legit issue that I cannot fix then I’ll happily refund you
  • I cannot guarantee support indefinitely.
  • You may not redistribute or resell this plugin
  • Plugin collects very basic metrics
  • I may refuse to give you support with or without any specific reason
  • If you have an issue with this plugin, please contact me before leaving a 1 or low star rating
  • I can update this terms of use at any time, without notification
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