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MC Plugin TAB | Full version v4.0.9
An all-in-one solution that works

  • Header/Footer
    • Per-world / per-server support
    • Per-group / per-player support
    • Enable / disable in specified worlds
  • Nametags (scoreboard team assignment)
    • Per-world / per-server support
    • Per-group / per-player support
    • Enable / disable in specified worlds
    • Make nametags completely invisible
    • Option to use armor stands for multi line support and no limits, as well as ability to change name itself
    • Control collision rule
    • Automatic compensation for 1.8.x client sided bug making nametags of invisible players still visible
    • Anti-override to prevent other plugins from overriding this one
    • Text cutting based on client version, not server version (allows 1.13+ players on <1.13 server to see prefixes longer than 16 characters in nametag)
  • Sorting players in tablist
    • Sorting by primary permission group
    • Sorting by permission nodes
    • Sorting by a numeric placeholder from lowest to highest or highest to lowest
    • Alphabetically by a placeholder (A-Z or Z-A)
    • Sorting by pre-defined placeholder values
    • Combination of multiple - groups as primary system and placeholder as secondary
    • Enable / disable case-sensitive sorting
  • Tablist name formatting
    • Change prefix, name and suffix
    • Per-world / per-server support
    • Per-group / per-player support
    • Enable / disable in specified worlds
    • Anti-override to prevent other plugins from overriding this one
    • Option to automatically align tabsuffix on the right side to make it look better
  • Playerlist scoreboard objective (the yellow number in tablist)
    • Display value of any numeric placeholder
    • Enable / disable in specified worlds
    • Use hearts display type if health placeholder is used
  • Belowname scoreboard objective (below player name tags)
    • Display value of any numeric placeholder
    • Configurable text
    • Enable / disable in specified worlds
  • BossBar messages
    • Configurable text, progress, color (1.9+) and style (1.9+)
    • Define display conditions to see bossbars
    • Announce defined bossbar for specified amount of time
    • Configurable toggle command and message
    • Option to remember toggle choice between logins
    • Enable / disable in specified worlds
  • Global playerlist on bungeecord
    • Display players from all servers in tablist
    • Configurable server groups to share playerlist instead of with all servers
    • Ability to create isolated servers
    • Servers where people will see everyone
    • Compatible with vanish plugins
    • Option to display players from other servers as spectators
  • Tablist layout
    • Customizable tablist slots
    • Static slots with any text
    • Player groups based on conditions
    • Customizable skin for fake slots
    • Multiple layouts based on conditions
  • Sidebar scoreboard
    • Display up to 15 lines
    • Option to show 0 (or any other static number) in every line instead of 1-15
    • Displaying different scoreboards based on conditions (output of placeholder, permissions)
    • 30 characters per line for <1.13, unlimited for 1.13+ clients
    • Customizable toggle command and message
    • Option to remember toggle choice between logins
    • Automatic detection of scoreboards from other plugins to hide own and show it again once other plugin hides it's scoreboard
    • Enable / disable in specified worlds
  • Per world playerlist
    • Only display players from current world in tablist
    • Group worlds which should share players
    • Worlds where players see everyone
    • Option to see all players in all worlds for players with permission
  • Placeholder support
    • Internal placeholders with customizable output
    • Create and use custom animations
    • All placeholders and animations are supported in all features
    • Full PlaceholderAPI support including relational placeholders
    • PlaceholderAPI support on BungeeCord
  • Placeholder output replacements
    • Modify output of any placeholder, including PlaceholderAPI placeholders
    • Replace exact text with another text
    • Change output if it's in a number interval
    • Set value if none of the above is met
    • Use original placeholder's output in new one
    • Support for nested placeholders
    • Can be used in other plugins as well
  • RGB Support
    • 5 supported RGB patterns
    • 4 supported gradient patterns
    • Automatically display closest color to legacy clients
    • Configurable color for legacy clients
    • Supported in all features where possible
  • Conditional placeholders
    • Conditions based on placeholder output (comparing numeric value, exact output)
    • Conditions based on permission node
    • Combine conditions with AND or OR
    • Configurable output of both cases when condition is and isn't met
    • Placeholder support in condition output
  • High performance
    • Full control of CPU usage by optimizing configuration and disabling unwanted features
    • Fully asynchronous - no impact on TPS
    • Check plugin's CPU usage using /tab cpu
  • API
    • Change player prefix/name/suffix in tablist
    • Change header/footer
    • Change nametag prefix / suffix
    • Change player collision rule, nametag visibility
    • Change sorting priority
    • Change value of nametag lines (abovename / belowname / other)
    • Create custom scoreboards, show different scoreboard, toggle scoreboard
    • Create custom placeholders
    • Create custom bossbars, toggle bossbar visibility, announce bossbar
    • ... and more!
  • RedisBungee support
  • MySQL support
  • Fully client-sided, server-side stays unaffected (scoreboards with their teams and objectives, bossbar entities, armor stands)
  • Disable vanilla feature making players in spectator gamemode appear on the bottom of tablist
  • Disable vanilla feature making player prefixes appear on their tamed animals
  • Possible errors moved into a separate file to not spam your console
  • Yaml error assistant for more user-friedly messages and fix suggestions
  • Many misconfiguration checks to help solve issues much faster
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