Heroes Premium ⚔ Full Translations! BEST RPG PLUGIN EVER

MC Plugin Heroes Premium ⚔ Full Translations! BEST RPG PLUGIN EVER 1.10.4b
The best class, race and skill Minecraft RPG plugin for Minecraft servers

Minecraft RPG Plugin

Class / Professions with Levels
Heroes Skills & Permission Skills
Skill Binding
Inventory Restrictions
Alternative Health/Damage System
Party EXP Sharing & Party Loot Rolling
Improved Skill Framework
Mana & Stamina System
Improved Help and Commands
Stat/Scoreboard System
Cool-down Action Bar
Toggleable Mob Health Bars
Attributes with GUI
Enhanced Targeting System
Vanilla Crafting Restrictions
Bonus EXP Permission Nodes
Improved Party System with Split EXP Gains
Skill Icons + Hot Bars when combined with Magic
Commands on Class Change
Abstracted Class Progression
Shielding Health System
SQL or YML Storage
PlaceholderAPI support
Language Support for Skills


Premium Skill Packs
Blood and Fire
Runes and Rage
Songs and Serenity
Crafty and Buff
Arcane and Dreadful
Honor and Nature
Death and Divine
Stealth and Darts
Magic Skills (NOT 1.15+ COMPAT)

Heroes Skill Hotbars

Java 8 + VAULT + Spigot (Bukkit wont run)
Skill Depends > EffectLib
Recommended Perms > zPermissions

Skills Pack for 1.11 | 1.10~

Planned Features

Proper Citizen Support
Heroes Attribute Custom Item Support
Scriptable Skills

API | Java Docs Here | Best with PaperSpigot | Default Configurations
FREE Public Build: (MC 1.8 only)
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1.10.4b Version
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