MC Plugin SuperTrailsPRO 1.2.18 [Spigot 1.8-1.18]
Eula-friendly. Advanced trails plugin. Amazing plugin for your survival, creative, lobby servers.

Not selling plugin at this moment

Amazing plugin for your survival, creative, lobby servers.
It does not change the gameplay, only visuals so you can use it on any server.
Particle, Block, Rain, Wings Trails


SuperTrailsPro - Gives the project a new life. New code, new features, better performance, online features, multi-language support (every player decides which language they use).

By purchasing plugin you reward me for my work and I reward you with new updates for years!


--Plugin supports 1.8-1.18--
What that's mean to you?
If you using 1.8: You get new patches, bug fixes, and features!
If you using 1.9+: All features, bugfixes from versions below + your MC version features

--Custom Wings--
It doesn't matter how many servers are using SuperTrails, your server is unique!
Create your wings, customize already build-in, download, share with others.

--Wings Patterns--
Only 3 colors? Not for you and your players! Apply images on wings to make it unbelievably beautiful!

--Multi-languages support--
Do you run a huge server for players from different countries? Let you players select their preferred language..

--Everyone Invited To The Party!--
Reward your regular and premium players with event boxes so they can to try their luck and win unique trails!

--Custom Block Trails--
Create your own block trails.

--Vanish Support--
Trails disappear while you are in vanish to hide you from players.
Invis potions supported.

--Combat Hider--
Hide trails while the player is in combat. So you can use the plugin even on pvp servers.

--Smart Sound System--
You can use 1.8 & 1.9+ sound names. Plugin will convert it automatically for your server version.

--Citizens Support--
Showcase trails with NPCs, looks fancy.


/Trails - Open trails GUI
/TrailsID <Name\ID> [Player] - Apply trail with command (trails.admin)
/TraildID Custom <Data> <Player> - Apply custom player data (trails.admin)
/SuperTrails - Show main supertrails menu
/SuperTrails event - Show event command list
/SuperTrails npcmode - Apply trail to Citizens NPC
Author FateKid
5,910 pts
1.2.18 [Spigot 1.8-1.18] Version
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