Potatoes - NEW: 1.20 support

MC Plugin Potatoes - NEW: 1.20 support 5.5.3
A fun and highly configurable "HotPotato" minigame plugin ! [1.7-latest]

Potatoes version 5 is now in BETA!

This version is not completely stable yet. Although it has been through some testing, it should be entirely tested before release on production server.

Please report any problem through a ticket on my Discord server.

As indicated in some of the recent reviews, support might be somewhat scarce when I'm busy with school - but I am however not OOO and still provide support as often as possible.

I am available for custom plugins commissions!
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Potatoes is an efficient and highly customizable "hot potato" plugin, like the TNT-Tag!
It's simple : the players are in an arena ; one of them is the potato. His goal is to touch one of the other players to transmit him the potato. When a player is the potato, his time decreases. When he has no more time, he explodes and a new potato is chosen. The last player has won!

Feel free to send me ideas to improve the plugin!


  • Classic and bungee modes!
  • Fully automatic !
  • Unlimited arenas!
  • Automatically stops arena on server stop/reload!
  • Customizable countdowns/times!
  • Customizable messages and scoreboards!
  • Customizable titles !
  • Customizable bonuses !
  • Customizable sounds !
  • Main lobby system!
  • Dynamic signs for the game information!
  • Plugin reload system!
  • ... and much more options! (see configuration below)

In order to work correctly, this plugin needs Java 8 (or above), my GCore library (included in the zip file) and any spigot version marked as supported on this page.

Always use the latest minor version : for instance, if you're on 1.9, use 1.9.4. Also, keep in mind that this plugin was developed and tested under Spigot. Other implementations are not guaranteed to work, even though it's generally not a problem (for instance, PaperSpigot works fine).


There are currently 7 bonuses :

  • Time : get more time before exploding!
  • Freeze : freeze others players for X seconds!
  • Speed : get speed for X seconds!
  • Jump : jump into the sky!
  • Teleport : teleport to a random spawn!
  • Confuse : confuse the potato with potion effects!
  • Invincible : be invulnerable to the potato for X seconds!

You can customize or disable all the bonuses.

See documentation for a list of commands and permissions.
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