Potatoes - NEW: 1.20 support

MC Plugin Potatoes - NEW: 1.20 support 5.5.3
A fun and highly configurable "HotPotato" minigame plugin ! [1.7-latest]

Added :
  • (GCore) Updated to 1.20.1.
  • (GCore) The "{logic:<logic>,<value_if_match>,<value_if_no_match>}" placeholder, to use a different value depending on a logic string.

Fixed :
  • (GCore) #2984,#3042,#3055 NPC packets wouldn't work properly for 1.19.3+.
  • #3030 An error occurring in legacy spigot versions, preventing bonuses to spawn.
Added :
  • (GCore) #2681 GUI type "CLOSE" to close the GUI directly without needing to press a keyboard key.
Fixed :
  • (GCore) #2682 Currency formatting would not format numbers properly according to all configuration settings (commas and millions).
I've updated this resource to the latest version:


-- This download should fix some issues you all were having with the last 4.4.8 download I posted.
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