Player Emotes Pro | Share your Emotions! [1.14-1.19]

MC Plugin Player Emotes Pro | Share your Emotions! [1.14-1.19] 2.14.2
50+ Premade Emotes, Animated Armor stands, Particle Effects, Animated Heads, all in an in-game menu




  • 50+ Premade Emotes! Fully customized and ready to use
  • Incredible In-Game editor/creator
  • Infinite Heads & Animated Heads
  • 23 styles of Particle effects
  • 7 Unique Effects
  • 3 Styles of Item Particles
  • MySQL Tracking for Emote Usage
  • Command Blocker during Emotes
  • PlaceholderAPI Support for messages!
  • Holographic Displays Support
  • Use any Minecraft sounds
  • Unlimited Emotes
  • Fully configurable
  • Ignore Command to hide Emotes output
  • GUI for Awesome Emote Selection & editing
  • Menu for Players to make suggestions without them going live!
  • Vanish Support!
  • Permissions for everything (See below)
  • Cooldown to avoid spam
  • Venture Chat hook to allow more control over who sees the Emotes
    • Only sends the Emote to the channel the Player is currently talking in!
    • People listening to that channel, even if they are not talking in that channel will get the Emote
    • Uses the distance of the channel so only people in that radius will see the Emote
    • Get VentureChat HERE
  • More to Come! Leave a suggestion if you would like to see a certain feature added!
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2.14.2 Version
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