BPS Premium - Player country - Staff Notify - Discord bot

MC Plugin BPS Premium - Player country - Staff Notify - Discord bot 18.6.20
Incredible advanced command blocker, buy this resources and get great benefits on your server!





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  • /bps {args}
Bungee Cord:
  • /bbps {args}
  • /bps help #Resource information.
  • /bps reload #reload resource configuration.
  • /bps reload <configuration> #reload resource configurations.
  • /bps manager #Open the plugin's gui.
  • /bps player <player> #Get the player information in real time.
  • /bps search <player> <page> #Search the database
  • /bps notifications # Run this command to toggle notifications visibility.
  • /bps muted # Mute the server chat
  • /search (player) # Get the player's information for example: ip, organization.
  • /glist-<suffix> # Displays the list of connected players.

  • BPS.TAB #To access all commands and /tab
  • BPS.COMMANDS #See blocked commands and blocked plugins.
  • BPS.NOTIFY #Send the warning of the player who is executing the command.
  • BPS.SWEAR #Access to all bad words.
  • BPS.SWEAR.TIME #Send messages with no time limit.
  • BPS.SWEAR.ADVERTISING #Send ip link of servers etc ...
  • BPS.SECURITY #Avoid entering without using the default IP in Security.yml
  • BPS.VPN #Enter even if you have VPN!
  • BPS.ADMIN #Access to all commands.
  • BPS.DOWNLOADER #Enter with Liteloader (World Downloader)
  • BPS.CHAT #Write even if the chat is muted
NEW! Added option to put your bot's token.

FEATURED! Add and remove commands from the plugin gui

FEATURED! Add and remove words from the plugin gui

FEATURED! Block command by sending the player's head and also unique effects!

FEATURED! Send messages when a player types an unknown command!

FEATURED! Register locked commands on discord!

FEATURED! Get the data player location, ip, organization and more!

FEATURED! Add more spaces on the server!

FEATURED! Blocks the use of World Downloader

NEW! Change the language of the plugin

NEW! Group commands.

NEW! Block bad words!

NEW! Notify the staff in real time!

NEW! Locks the tab at 1.8.8-1.16

BETA! It only works in spigot don't use bungeecord!
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