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MC Plugin Navigate ≥ RPG Compass ≥ Set World Landmarks ≥ Customziable 1.0.9
Help your players navigate a map through landmarks and a Skyrim-like compass.


Navigate is a new utility plugin from the developer of Trade+! Give your players a dynamic compass with which to travel through the world. They can change settings for their own individual compass and add personal landmarks, so they will always be able to get home.


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The compass, which can be moved by the player between action-bar and boss-bar positions, can help players locate the cardinal directions and landmarks in your map without F3 mode.


The landmark system replicates compasses in RPGs like Skyrim showing different towns or locations you can walk to. When a player joins, their landmarks will be automatically populated by defaults set in the config.yml. After that, they can delete landmarks, add new ones, and modify options like their color.

  • Show players in a CTF or other two-team minigame where their objective is
  • Guide a new user through your tutorial with the compass
  • Create a more RPG-like atmosphere for your roleplay server

Players can use /navigate to add a temporary landmark at a specific x and z coordinate. It will disappear when the player reaches it.

Navigate is a polished plugin to improve your players' experience, and I am proud of its smooth animation. There must be ways it can be improved, so I would like for you to message me with any suggestions!


The commands of Navigate give your players control over their compass and landmarks.

Type /compass for an overview of your options with clickable buttons to change the location of your compass and whether landmarks should be displayed over other symbols.

The permission navigate.compass will give players access to the /compass command, and give them the compass on their screen.


/compass help will give you the advanced options, commands you can use to change the same settings if you can't use the clickable text for some reason.

/compass location 1 / 2
1 will move the compass to your bossbar, and 2 will move it to the actionbar. Re login for this to take effect.

/compass landmarkPriority 1 / 2
Set to 1 for landmarks to take priority over other symbols, 2 for other symbols to override landmarks.


/landmarks create will create a new landmark at the current location. It will then prompt the player for a symbol to represent that landmark. Finally, a GUI menu will pop up with color options so the player can set which color they want it to be.

Use /landmarks list to see a list of your landmarks with an ID based on the index in the list of landmarks - this is just for easy modification with commands.

/landmarks delete (id) will delete a landmark.

/landmarks color (id) brings up the color selector again like when you first create a landmark, so you can edit the color of its symbol on your compass.

/landmarks priority (id) (priority) can be used to give one landmark priority over the others, so it will overlap them if they occupy the same space.

/navigate x z creates a temporary landmark to travel towards.

Admin commands help you add new global and default landmarks in-game.

/navadmin global create starts creation of a global landmark which can't be deleted by players.

/navadmin default create starts creation of a default landmark which can be deleted if players don't want to see them. It will only affect new players joining.

/navadmin reload to reload the config.

Click Here to see a GIF of /navigate command in action!
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