Mob Farm Manager [supports 1.7.10 up to 1.19] Hopper support

Free MC Plugin Mob Farm Manager [supports 1.7.10 up to 1.19] Hopper support
Limit mob farms to prevent lags!


As of version you need CMILib plugin to make this plugin work properly.


Limit total amount of entities in chunks or from huge spawner farms to prevent from unnecessary server load. It can limit entity amount in each chunk by set limit. In example by default there can be only 20 pigs in one chunk and 100 animals (pigs, cows, horses, rabbits, chickens). Set your own limits and avoid lags from unnecessary mob grinders ir huge animal farms.


Minecraft 1.7.10/1.8/1.9/1.10/1.11/1.12/1.13/1.14/1.15/1.16/1.17 (recommended)
CMILib or newer

  • Lightweight, works in async mode to avoid unnecessary server load
  • Can dynamically adjust hopper transfer rates to lower server load dramatically in case some one create huge hopper contraptions and lags out server intentionally or not.
  • Supports all entities
  • Can limit how many wolfs follows player at once.
  • Print list of chunks with most entities in them for simple management
  • Option to limit armor stands amount in chunk (they are entity to)
  • Option to limit item frame amount in chunk (they are entity to)
  • Option to limit placed blocks like hopper, piston, sticky piston or observer in each chunk
  • Option to Ignore armor stands with items in them
  • Option to Ignore item frames with item in them
  • Option to Ignore tamed animals
  • Option to Ignore named animals
  • Option to Ignore baby animals
  • Option to Ignore Pigs with saddles
  • Option to ignore world
  • Option to auto clean world
  • Option to clean only on creature spawn
  • Option to pick spawn events to check on
  • Option to make entity groups
  • Option to manually clean chunks around all online players with output how many entities where removed around which player
  • Option to limit monster building (wither, snowman, irongolem) dependign on players permissions
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