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MC Plugin ✅ SafariNet - Premium Mob Catcher plugin 1.15.51
Allows players catching mobs and releasing them!




SafariNet is a mob catcher plugin that allows your players to catch and release every mob in the world of Minecraft. It's a nice solution if you want to transport mobs through worlds or even if you want to spawn a certain mob using a dispenser. But, what's the special about this plugin? This plugin works with NBT. That means that this plugin stores all information of a mob, things like saddles, horse variant, donkey chests, custom names, hp, villager trades, and armor.

Catching a mob is very simple: At first, you need to craft a safarinet, single-use or reusable. Then you perform a right-click on a mob, and the whole mob with all its data gets in the egg. Next time you're right-clicking, the mob would be released.

You can also sync all eggs through your BungeeCord network! Simply use an inventory-sync plugin!

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