〔HUB-LOBBY〕Complete Setup ⭐ Level System ⭐ THE BEST

MC Setups 〔HUB-LOBBY〕Complete Setup ⭐ Level System ⭐ THE BEST 3.5
Easters Egg ✬ Level System ✬ Rewards ✬ Menus ✬ and more..

This lobby/hub is fully configured and ready to host, contains various things and an Epic Lobby.

  • Level Systems When receiving the rewards of the delivery man, they will have XP with which they will be able to go up in level and unlock many rewards.
  • Level Rewards Systems When leveling, rewards are unlocked in which you can get money or mystery chests.
  • EasterEggs Throughout the map there are several Easter eggs that when you get them all you can get many prizes.
  • Epic Map A very extensive map, in which you can have fun looking for Easter Eggs.
  • Menus The setup has some very complete menus, with user counter, multiple menus and 100% editable to the taste of the buyer, also has a profile menu in which all user statistics are displayed, etc ...
  • Profile Menu It is a menu of user statistics in which you can see the level and much more.
  • Information Menu In the information menu you can add all server networks, store, yourtube, page, etc, it is 100% editable.
  • Delivery Man It consists of Daily, Weekly and monthly rewards for all players, it also has rewards for all VIPS ranks.
  • PlayersToggle Users have the possibility to hide other users with exceptions of the VIPS ranges and STAFF ranges.
  • Server Selector The menu of modalities is a very complete menu, each modality contains its description, connected users and server status, all this is 100% editable.
  • GadgetsMenu Users can earn mystery boxes by leveling up or claiming them in the delivery man.
  • BannerBoard HQ The setup contains an epic banner board welcoming users to the server.
  • FeatherBoard It is a FeatherBoard very nice to the naked eye, in it shows the information of the users, also counts how many Easter eggs the user carries.
  • Custom Ranks (3 VIP ranks) and Staff Ranks.
  • BossBar
  • And More...
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