[UNI]Pre-Hub server | Server SHIELD - Step before first step to start your own network!

MC Setups Spawns & Hubs [UNI]Pre-Hub server | Server SHIELD - Step before first step to start your own network! 1.2.9-ALPHA
Well-made (premade) universal pre-hub server, ready for your MC network!





This build is EXTREMELY OPTIMIZED, it can run on 512MB of RAM without any problems (with frequent auto-restarts), world is EMPTY, no unnecessary server resource draining and TPS is ALWAYS 20 no matter how many players are there (it can easily hold up to 30 players with 512MB of RAM)

The server is based on Paperspigot-1.12.2.jar file as a server starter because it is the most stable & exploit-proof version of MC (and Paperspigot is more optimized too).

Nice thing to have in mind with this setup is that you can duplicate this setup and you can have 2 separated pre-hub servers and connect it in that way so if the first pre-hub server autorestarts, players will automatically join the second pre-hub server, log in and go directly to hub/lobby server.


*This build includes all features from my [BASE]Spigot server build*
click here to see it

EXTREMELY OPTIMIZED | This premade Pre-Hub server achieves unbeatable performance, just read "Informations/About" section above, every update makes it better and better. Key thing in this Pre-Hub server setup is that this server doesn't use ANY bigger per-user-writing plugins like essentials that can be heavy in some situations.
EXTREME STABILITY | If your server network have some malicious problems... something like bot attacks... I HIGHLY recommend you to check out my [BASE]BungeeCord server resource as well as [UNI]Hub server resource, to maximize server protection. I can GUARANTEE that combination of [BASE] & [UNI] server resources will FULLY PROTECT your server. The best thing is that it follows latest exploits/bot methods, so everything will be covered as soon as fix comes out.
The design of this build, from the moment you join the server, you'll see all required directives that will point your players what to do.
"DARK" | The map/spawnpoint of this build is actually just DARK place where you just need to log in with command (on cracked server) or get redirected to HUB/LOBBY server after few seconds.
MOTD | MoTD that will actually not be visible if you use this with BungeeCord (proxy) server.
ON-JOIN | Welcome title, welcome chat message, join effects...
SCOREBOARD | Separated resource of my SCOREBOARD designs can be found HERE [soon]. This build features one of it's designs.

  • AuthMe & AuthMeBungee [both .jar and config files will be given] - powerful, out-of-the-box-ready plugin pack that will regulate and maintain secure connection on cracked MC servers (this pack has 1. BungeeCord configuration; 2. subserver-Hub configuration; 3. subserver-PreHub configuration).
  • UltimateAutoRestart [both .jar and config files will be given] - this plugin is listed as optional because you don't need it if you have multicraft/pterodactyl or any other panel with schedule functions.
  • IPWhiteList [only .jar files will be given] - this plugins will protect your server and make sure no players will successfully join your subservers directly. VERY important plugin.




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