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MC Plugin BetterSleeping Premium 4.0.2
Makes sleeping in multiplayer useful and fun!



BetterSleeping is a Spigot plugin that guarantees a better sleeping experience for Spigot servers! It aims to improve sleeping in multiplayer by only having a certain percentage of players sleep. BetterSleeping strives to be the best sleeping plugin out there by providing great support, offering the most features and great customizability.

BetterSleeping is well documented and easy to configure. Take a look at the wiki. If this wiki does not satisfy your admin needs, feel free to join the Discord server to get help or submit a suggestion. You can contact me however you want: In a GitHub issue, discussion section or through a PM on the forum. However, I am most active on Discord.

!!NEW!! PM me on Spigot with your Discord name to get a premium role in the Discord server!!

This is the premium version of BetterSleeping. Both the free and the premium version will be maintained simultaneously. This means that the premium version will have all functionality of the free version and more!


Customizability is the most important feature. BetterSleeping Premium comes with all free features but adds some specific ones too. Check the wiki to see all options and commands in the free version.

Premium only features:
Premium plugin users will be allowed to customise the plugin's prefix. Keep in mind that this is limited to messages shown in the chat.

The help menu contains all commands with a description. Admins will also see the permission for each command. Perhaps best of all: clicking on a command will make the user execute that command. Help is shown when executing /bs help or simply /bs.

The status command shows information about the current sleeping status in the world of that player. In the premium version, it is displayed in a GUI. The menu is called with /bs status


Finally, BetterSleeping supports potion effects (buffs/debuffs) for players that slept and players that did not sleep. A player can check their buffs with /bs buffs. For premium users, the plugin allows to specify a chance for each (de)buff (documentation).


Shared features:
  • Set a percentage of minimum players in a world that need to sleep. Or set a static number that will always be the same.​
  • Time goes by fasterwhen enough players are sleeping or time is set to day after a delay when enough players sleep. It's totally up to you.
    • The speedup of time is customisable and includes a base speedup, extra speedup per extra sleeping player and max speedup.​
    • The delay players need to stay in bed before the time is set, can be customised.​
    • Read more about these options on the wiki!​
  • Multiple languages are supported for most messages. This includes English, Dutch, Portuguese and Spanish. It is also possible to use a custom lang file!​
  • There is singular/plural support built into the language system!​
  • Missing options can be automatically added to config files. This happens when you delete an existing option or new features are added in an update.​
  • Disable any BetterSleeping message you don't need!​
  • Reload BetterSleeping configuration without having to restart/reload your server with /bs reload​
  • Phantoms can be entirely disabled!​
  • Give buffs (potion effects) to players that slept! Also non-sleepers can get potion effects (referred to as debuffs).​
  • Bypass permissions allow a player to be ignored by the required sleeping count. These players can sleep if they want to. Check the wiki to learn how to give these permissions.​
  • Essentials support! Afk and vanished players are ignored by the required sleeping counter by default.​
And even more features will be added in the future. Make sure to submit your ideas so I get an idea what is wanted by the community.


There is a complete wiki that contains information about commands, permissions and configuration. You can take a look at the wiki here.

For support, you can:​
How to install? Just drop it in the plugins folder. If you have used the free version of BetterSleeping before, you can simply replace the old jar with this one. Your previous configuration will be maintained.


Not convinced? Don't need the extra premium features? Then feel free to use the free version of BetterSleeping. The free version will receive updates as long as the premium version is getting updates, they will always go hand in hand.

Soon you'll be able to play on a test server too!​
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