BetterDragon: Counter Attacks

MC Plugin BetterDragon: Counter Attacks 3.5
Handle dragon respawn, abilities, statue and more.


BetterDragon is a plugin to manage the respawn of the dragon in a personalized way, with many options and new abilities for it, which has a better experience when fighting against it.

General features:
  • PlaceHolders, Tabcompleter
  • Fully customizable
  • Fast Discord Support
  • Dragon: Custom name and health
  • Advanced reward system, drops, chance, commands and more
  • Endermans doesnt target the dragon, dragon doesnt damage endermans
  • Kills count and customizable top 20!
  • Egg and head drop chance
  • Schedule modes to respawn: by a cooldown or days
  • Options: Disable respawn with ender crystal
  • Setspawn, time to respawn, time format.
  • Overworld support! Allways will fly until x0 z0, you have to adapt it!
  • Discord integration!
And more will be added!

  • Ender Attack

  • Explosion

  • Lightning

  • Impulse

  • Dodge


That increase the difficulty and the entertainment when fighting, and more can be added, we accept your ideas!


Send to Discord Utility(Optional - Requires Essentials)
Click here to go the plugin page


Npc Support(
Optional - Requires Citizens)

Every time the dragon is killed, the npc changes its name, sking and item in the main hand depending on who killed it
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3.5 Version
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