⚡️ WildLoaders ⚡️ Load chunks without alts ⚡️ 1.16 Support!

Free MC Plugin ⚡️ WildLoaders ⚡️ Load chunks without alts ⚡️ 1.16 Support! 0.2.0-Beta
Very optimized and highly configureable chunk-loaders plugin!


WildLoaders brings a new block to the game called "Chunk-Loader".
This block can keep chunks loaded without any alt accounts!



Want to see the plugin in action before purchasing? Join WILD.BG-SOFTWARE.COM!


• Get rid of alt-accounts from your server!
You know what I compare alts with? Ants. There are so many of them, and they are just annoying. Disallowing them is a great option, but you need to give your players something in return - chunk loaders. With them, your players can still keep their farms active across their entire claim lands!
• It works like a magic!
I don't believe in magic, but trust me - this is a real one! It loads the chunks and everything inside them! Your spawners, crops, hoppers and redstone will work just flawlessly! And not only that, but it will work with any other plugins (;
• That's just overpowered.
Oh, don't worry about that. You can set time-limits for chunk loaders, so they don't run forever. They can die eventually, so your players will need to think wisely before placing them down.
• The best support you can get. Oh, and that's for life!
Are you also tired of the complicated ticket-systems that require you to fill huge forms instead of getting straight to the point? Then you can take a deep breath, as we don't have one. We have a really modern and efficient ticket system that is handled on our Discord Server! All you have to do is verify (fully-automated verification system), click on an icon - and you have a one-on-one conversion with me and the team!
• Still not convinced? It's a baby-plugin, give it a try!
This is our newest plugin in the series. Even tho it's new, it has been tested for a lot of time, and trust me - people love it!

You can read more about WildLoaders on the wiki page!
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