✈️Vehicles (No resourcepacks needed!)

MC Plugin ✈️Vehicles (No resourcepacks needed!) v14.1
Mechas, Tractors, Drills, Hover Bikes, Cars, Parachutes, Tanks, Helicopters, Trains, Rafts...



Click the spoiler below to check out all current Vehicles!
Currently there are 16 different Vehicles:



Vehicle Protection and Health
Vehicle Inventories (Except brooms, parachutes and submarines)
Limit usage to certain worlds
Vehicle type customization
Vehicle Sounds
Take your friend along in bikes, cars and planes! These 3 vehicles have 2 seats.
Vehicles can only go over steps and stairs.
Bikes can jump up a block, and hoverbikes glide over the blocks!
Vehicles can drive backwards.
Drop TNT from the plane by using TNT!
Fire missilies from the tank and helicopter when using a fire charge!
Submarines offer a front camera, turning your vision green! (You will not be able to move)
Tractors will harvest and replant all your crops when driving over them!
Drills can mine blocks and collect them in their inventory.
Mechas can hook walls or shoot enemies with lasers!


With the fuel system you can use items or even skulls to refuel your vehicles!
Some vehicles, such as the parachutes, brooms, and rafts don’t require fuel.
Set the fuel consumption, items, and more in the config.


With the built-in shop you can let your players purchase individual vehicles!
Add or remove certain vehicles in the shop, all to your liking!
Certain permissions will be required for purchasing and opening shop.
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