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Free MC Plugin Force Resourcepacks 1.11.34
[1.8-1.18] Send resource packs globally/per server/world and run actions! Spigot, Bungee & Velocity

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Did you ever want to force players to use a certain server resourcepack on one of your servers? Maybe for a minigame as part of your network? Or maybe you don't want to force the pack on the users but just want to inform the ones who do not accepted it about what they are missing out? Then this is the plugin you always searched for!

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Force Resourcepacks is the enhanced version of my Bungee Resourcepacks and World Resourcepacks plugins. In addition to beeing able to set different resourcepacks per world, server or on your whole proxy network (if installed in Bungee's or Velocity's plugin folder) you can also react on whether the user accepted downloading the pack and send them a message or even kick them if they did not do that!

It even notices when a Bukkit server behind the proxy sends a resourcepack and applies the server's pack status rules on it! That way it is compatible with minigames plugins that manage their own server resourcepacks while still providing the ability to kick a user from the game's server when they did not download the pack!

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