Ultimate Troll [THE BIGGEST TROLL PLUGIN!] [1.8-1.19]

MC Plugin Ultimate Troll [THE BIGGEST TROLL PLUGIN!] [1.8-1.19] 2.0.7
The most advanced troll plugin avaliable. UNIQUE & HILARIOUS trolls!


Welcome to Ultimate Troll! I first made this plugin in 2016, took a break, and came back now (2021!) with version 2.0! This plugin now works on ALL VERSIONS from 1.8-1.16, and will be maintained as new versions are released!

So, you can ignore the reviews that complain about versions. We are now 100% working on all versions 1.8+ with no bugs or issues! Hope you guys have a nice start to the year!

The trolls inside this plugin are constantly being updated! All ideas can be submitted through a review or a reply (in the discussion section) where they will be strongly considered! The trolls currently are:

Control | physically take control of your victim; your movements = their movements
Blindness (toggle) | send blindness to your victim
Slowness (toggle) | send slowness to your victim
Levitation (toggle) | levitate your victim
Clear Armour | remove all armour from your victim
Fake OP | send a convincing OP message to your victim
Fake Crash | kick your victim with a worrying crash message
Freeze (toggle) | freeze your victim
Near Death | put your victim down to 1/2 heart
Smite | strike your victim with lightning
Pumpkin Head (toggle) | lock a pumpkin onto your victim's head
Poison | poison your victim
Fill Inventory | fill your victim's inventory with an item of your choice
Spin 180° | (annoyingly) rotate your victim
Speed (toggle) | send uncontrolled speed to your victim
Switch Teleport | switch teleport your victim with another
Sky High | teleport your victim way up high
Explosion | send an explosion to your victim
Ignite | set your victim on fire
Mob Army | send a (configurable) mob army after your victim
Web Attack | trap your victim in webs
Lava Floor | drop your victim into lava
Water Floor | drop your victim into water
Fireball | shoot a fireball towards your victim
Empty Inventory | empty your victim's inventory
Shoot | fling your victim high up
Alone (toggle) | make it so your victim can't see anyone
Lag (toggle) | convinces your victim they are lagging
Release Inventory | allow everyone to steal from your victim's inventory
Cage | trap your victim in a cage
Teleport All | teleport all players to your victim (annoying)
Teleport Random | teleport your victim to every online player for 5 seconds
Hiss | scare your victim with a creeper hiss
Ring o' Fire | spawn a ring of fire around your victim
Shock | shock your victim with a loud scream
Slap | slap your victim (force is configurable)
Drown | drown your victim
Suffocate | suffocate your victim
Potato (toggle) | turn your victim into a potato
Drop Inventory | drop your victim's entire inventory on the floor
Slime Pack | force an annoying texture pack to your victim
Force Chat | make your victim send a message
Spam Chat | spam your victims chat (configurable)
Fake Money | configurable economy message
Edit Inventory | mess with your victim's inventory
Hound Attack | send an attack towards your victim
Void Teleport | teleport player into the void
Lock Hand | toggle your victim's ability to switch hotbar slots
TNT Trap | spawn a tnt pressure plate around your victim
Random Chat | when a player tries to chat, a random configurable config message will be sent instead
Mine Lava | make every block your victim breaks turn to lava
Menu Mixup | every functioning block clicked (i.e. furnace, enchant table, dropper etc) does not open its respective menu; rather a random one
Stampede | spawn a bunch of cows around your victim
Explode Block | the next block your victim mines will explode
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