TokenEnchant [1.7.10 - 1.20.x]

MC Plugin TokenEnchant [1.7.10 - 1.20.x] 23.3.0
∞ number of custom enchants with polymorphics! Enchant levels beyond 255!!

The official home page of TokenEnchant can be found here.

NOTE: if you're using EssentialsX on pre 1.13 server (such as 1.8.8), please use at least this version or newer
NOTE: if you're using Java 15 or above, install JSEngine plugin. It will provide a JavaScript processing engine missing in Java 15 or above.

If you're using explosive-like custom enchants (such as Explosive, JackHammer, Laser, etc.), we strongly suggest you to use VKAutoPickup to process TEBlockExplode event. It will provide much better performance and will reduce the lag from explosions.

Before you upgrade your TE from pre v18 to v18, please read this!!!!

The capability of TokenEnchant is featured in SSundee's latest Faction Series Youtube video. (Ofc, they have loads of (over 100 new) custom enchantments programmed using TokenEnchantAPI).

All custom enchantments are properly integrated into Minecraft's native Enchantment system, hence your custom enchantments will be available in various native mechanics without any special treatment by TokenEnchant :
  • Enchantment Table,
  • Anvil,
  • Villagers,
  • Dungeon chests, etc.

This plugin provides an Enchantment Sign, which a player would right-click to enchant an item he is holding. A player would need in-plugin tokens to enchant an item. You can specify what sort of enchantments you wish to provide, and which enchantment should be applied to what type of items in a config.yml.

You can also specify how the cost of enchantment at a different level will increase. You can provide your own costing formula in CostFormulae.js using JavaScript function.
The enchantment sign will display the amount of token a player would need. This sign is individually displayed. The player just needs to look at the sign with an item, which he wishes to enchant, in his hand. Then an appropriate token cost will be automatically displayed on the sign.

When you merging enchantments using an anvil on 1.8.x server, name change won't be picked up.

Command Alias:
  • With new Token Alias Commands, you can use external plugins like Backpack plugin and use Tokens to give those features to players
Sample Config: The sample config (default config.yml) can be found at here.

Test Server:
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