StreakRewards | Daily Streaked Rewards | 100% Configurable | NPCs | 1.8-1.19

Free MC Plugin StreakRewards | Daily Streaked Rewards | 100% Configurable | NPCs | 1.8-1.19 2.2.7
Let your players claim daily rewards based on their claim streak.

StreakRewards is the best daily rewards plugin you could get on SpigotMC.
Every day, players can claim their daily rewards. Every day that the player claims the daily reward, without missing one day, their claim-streak will be increased. When the player forgets to claim their rewards one day, their streak will be reset and they will start from day one.
By default, the month-cycle is 30 days long. This is configurable in the config as well as all messages and options. This plugin is 100% configurable.
When the last day of the month has been reached, their streak will continue, but the day will be once again 1.

We created some fancy menu layouts for you to use for free. These are listed below. All menu items are configurable in the rewards.yml file.

A minimum of Java 17 is required for this plugin to run!


  • Fully GUI based
  • 9 Menu shapes
  • Create your own menu shape
  • Open command
  • Manage the streaks via a command
  • MySQL and File storage support
  • Custom Reward Actions
  • Menu Items are configurable
  • Menu Item Slots are configurable
  • Default menu items to minimize the file size
  • Countdown placeholders for the menu lores
  • Empty slot items
  • Menu size configurable
  • Minimum online time to claim rewards
  • Join reminders for claimable rewards
  • NextReward item for when their next reward is on cooldown.
  • Ability to change menu items when the target day is claimable, not-yet-claimable, next-reward, or already-claimed.
  • NextReward item updated every second to display the right remaining time for the next reward.
  • Boost Player Streaks
  • Claim Date Types
  • Base the next day on the player's previous reward claim date.
  • Base the next day on the server host's time.
  • Citizens integration for custom NPCs that open the menu when you click on them.
  • PlaceholderAPI placeholders
  • MVdWPlaceholderAPI placeholders
  • LeaderHeads leaderboards
  • Additions+ Integration
  • Information stored per UUID; changing nickname won't affect the streak nor the last claim date
  • Easy to set up
  • Fast (Discord) Support
  • 1.8 - 1.18 support
  • More coming soon...
About "Minimum online time to claim rewards":
v1.4.3 adds this feature. If you enable it in the config, it will require players to be online at least x minutes (configurable in config) before they can claim their daily reward if available.


Type: Soft Dependency
Description: Adds custom placeholders to PAPI. Allows placeholders to be used in the rewards.

Type: Soft Dependency
Description: Adds custom placeholders to MVdWPAPI. Allows placeholders to be used in the rewards.

Type: Soft Dependency
Description: This overrides the actions of this plugin. You can then use their actions described on their Spigot page.

Type: Soft Dependency
Description: Adds custom leaderboards to the plugin.


Description: This performs a command as the player
Example: '[command]say I claimed a reward'

Description: This performs a command as the console
Example: '[console]give %player% stick 1'

Description: This sends a message to the player
Example: '[message]&b&lYou claimed a reward!'

For more actions, download the AdditionsPlus plugin. If you've installed that plugin, the reward actions of this plugin will be overridden by that plugin's actions. These actions are in both plugins. AdditionsPlus contains 38+ actions.
Do not use Additions (free version) to handle this. That will give errors.


Commands with the permission: streakrewards.player
opens the claim menu.
/daily getstreak [player] get your/a player's streak.
/daily getday [player] get your/a player's day (1-30).

Commands with the permission: streakrewards.admin
/daily reload
reloads the plugin.
/daily createnpc create a menu-opening NPC using Citizens.
/daily reset <player> resets the streak a player.
/daily setstreak <player> <streak> sets the streak of a player.
/daily boost <player> <boost> boosts a player by adding x days to their streak.

You can also use /streakrewards, /rewards and /sr instead of /daily.

All NPCs should be fully managed by Citizens. If you remove it using Citizens, it will also be removed from our configuration.
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