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Make unstackable items stackable & change stack sizes per item type!

Are you annoyed that you cannot stack water buckets? That you need 6 double chests just to store your enchanted books? Does it bother you that you can stack useless bread up to 64 in one stack, but that you can only fit like 45 expensive rabbit stews into a whole inventory?

StackResize allows you to change the maximum stack size for every item! Please be sure to read the limitations mentioned below before purchasing.

Set custom max stack sizes for every kind of item type!

  • Make potions stackable up to a custom amount!
  • Make tools, weapons, and armor stackable up to custom amount!
  • Once a player uses a stacked tool, weapon, or armor, one of those item will unstack so that it can properly take damage. Perfect to go mining etc!
  • Works fine with hoppers, even when you adjust the hopper-amount in spigot.yml!
  • Make enchanted books stack if their enchantments match!
  • Etc. etc
TL;DR: You can set a custom max stack amount for every item type!

The following limitations currently apply:
  • Max stack sizes cannot be set to higher than 64, because the vanilla client woudln't let you stack items beyond this amount anyway. This might be possible in the future, though.
  • Max stack sizes can only be adjusted per item type (material), not per individual item. That means, for example:
    You can make all regular potions (POTION) stack up to 16, lingering potions (LINGERING_POTION) stack up to 8 and splash potions (SPLASH_POTION) stack up to 4, but you cannot set different amounts for different potion types like healing, fire resistance, etc. This is a vanilla limitation and can not be avoided.
  • If you use plugins that let you open Shulker Boxes without placing them, you WILL encounter item loss if you make Shulker Boxes stackable. So: Only make them stackable if you do not use any of those plugins (e.g. ShulkerPacks)!
  • Max stack sizes can not be adjusted per player or per world. The stack sizes apply to the whole server, for every player. The reason why this cannot be adjusted is that StackResize changes the internal stack size of the item, so that also vanilla mechanics will know about the adjusted max stack size
Commands & Permissions

stackresize.admin: Allows to use the /stackresize command

/stackresize reload: Reloads the configuration
/stackresize info [item]: Displays information about the item in your main hand, or the specified item
/stackresize set <amount> [item]: Sets the max stack size of the item in your main hand, or the specified item
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