SkywarsReloaded Extension | New PlayAgain Feature! | Kit Menu Editor | NPCs | 1.8x-1.20x

MC Plugin SkywarsReloaded Extension | New PlayAgain Feature! | Kit Menu Editor | NPCs | 1.8x-1.20x 1.7.14
The official SWR Extension/Addon! Add even more fun to your game.

SkyWarsReloaded Extension
The official extension/addon for the popular SkyWarsReloaded plugin!
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We are currently working on a complete rewrite of the SkyWarsReloaded plugin, and the Extension to get rid of all bugs and implement cool new features. Join our Discord to follow the journey along.

Yes, this plugin was free, but we're trying to sell it for a low-tier price to make the time we spend on this project (including SkyWarsReloaded) somewhat more valuable. The money you spend on this project will also contribute to the work we put into the free, updated version of SkyWarsReloaded.
We will continue to keep the source code on GitHub, so knock yourself out and compile it yourself, but please consider supporting us with as little as €2. We'll promise you that some cool things are coming in the future to get you the best Skywars experience possible.

Things on our planning:
- MySQL support for AutoVote and PlayAgain
- A lot more PAPI placeholders
- Kit buying menu
- More...

This plugin adds some cool join features for SkywarsReloaded.
For SkywarsReloaded tutorials, check our site:
We are an official supporter of SkywarsReloaded!

Make sure to install the updated version of SkywarsReloaded instead of the official one!

The UPDATED SkywarsReloaded plugin is required in order to let this plugin work. Make sure to download and install it. For more information about installing that plugin, go here:

  • A super fancy in-game kit creator/editor menu!
  • AutoJoin/PlayAgain feature for automatically joining new games.
    • Supports Skywars parties​
    • Auto mode (1 hour)​
    • One-time rejoin​
    • /autojoin OR /playagain​
  • Lobbyboard interval updater.
  • A new '/swkit delete' command​
  • A new '/swkit edit' command​
  • A new '/swkit list' command​
  • A new '/swkit create' command​
  • Specific arena join using a command​
  • Overrides join item actions of the SkywarsReloaded plugin​
  • NPCs (depends on Citizens)​
  • NPC creation command​
  • Random solo join​
  • Random team join​
  • Random join​
  • Import any world using a command​
  • Rename an arena using a command​
  • Automatically legacy loads when importing​
  • Open the join menu using '/sw join'​
  • Creator and DisplayName setter command for maps are supporting spaces​
  • A '/leave' command to easily leave a game​
  • A '/sw send' command to send players to a game​
  • Player option selection command '/sw select'​
  • Automatically select game options from the previous game​
  • AdditionsPlus Events integration (requires v2.4.0 or higher!)
  • PaperSpigot Support​
  • Citizens NPC integration​
Commands And Permissions
/sw join sw.join - Allows you to open the join menu/join a random game/send a message.
/sw join [arena] sw.join.arena - Allows you to join a specific arena.
/sw join solo sw.join.solo - Lets you join a random solo arena.
/sw join team - Lets you join a random team arena.
/sw select [type] [selected] - Lets you select a specific player option. In this command is [type] the option type (such as glasscolor) and [selected] the option you want to select.
/sw send [player] [arena] sw.send - Sends other players to a game.
/sw createnpc [action] - Creates a NPC using Citizens. The action could be either RANDOM_JOIN, RANDOM_SOLO_JOIN, RANDOM_TEAM_JOIN, OPEN_MENU or OPEN_CUSTOM_MENU

/swm import [world] - Lets you import a world into Skywars as an arena. It does the legacy load itself, so do not use the legacy load command again.
/swm creator [map] [creator] - Lets you set the creator of the map. This overrides the actual command. This one allows you to use spaces in the creator's name.
/swm name [map] [name] - Lets you set the display name of the map. This overrides the actual command. This one allows you to use spaces in the display name.
/swm rename [map] [new mapname] - Lets you completely rename an arena, including world and other files' names.

/swkit create [name] sw.kit.create - Lets you create a new kit with the fancy new kit editor menu.
/swkit edit [name] sw.kit.edit - Lets you edit a kit with the fancy new kit editor menu.
/swkit delete [name] sw.kit.delete - Lets you remove a kit.
/swkit list sw.kit.list - Shows a menu with a list of existing kits. Clicking an item in the menu will open the fancy new kit editor menu.

/playagain now - Lets you instantly join a new game (only possible when a game has ended to prevent ragequit).
/playagain auto - Lets you automatically join a new game within 5 seconds after you die/game ends. Expires in one hour.
/playagain cancel sw.autojoin.cancel - Lets you cancel your auto PlayAgain if enabled.

/leave sw.quit- Lets you quit/leave an arena/

You can disable the auto-vote feature in the configuration file.
Permissions for auto-selecting the following options:
sw.autovote.chest : Chest voting : Health voting
sw.autovote.time : Time voting : Weather voting
sw.autovote.modifier : Modifier voting
sw.autovote.kit : Kit selecting







How to import arenas?
Learn how to turn an existing world into a custom Skywars world using the SkywarsReloaded Extension!​
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