Essentials MySQL Storage Extension

MC Plugin Essentials MySQL Storage Extension 1.28.0
[1.7.10 - 1.19.4] Adds MySQL database storage to the popular Essentials plugin.

A bukkit/spigot plugin that is an extension to Essentials and adds MySQL Database storage for users data files, works with Essentials, EssentialsX or Spigot-Essentials plugins. Tired of having 200k+ user files? Then this plugin stores everything in a database and allows you to get rid of that Essentials/userdata folder, will make life easier when running server backups or even opening the userdata folder. It will even allow you to sync Essentials user data across servers.
Please note! All this plugin does is copy the Essentials players data on the database and back, if you sync more servers and servers are different like different worlds or kits Essentials will remove data that is invalid. For example, if you copy user data from server A where the user saved his home in a world that does not exist in server B Essentials will remove that sethome location. This plugin does not change how essentials work you can test out without this plugin by manually copy the data file to the other server.
Do you want to save players data (Inventory, Enderchest, Money, Health, Exp and more...) on MySQL database? Or sync players data across servers?
Then check out my other plugin:
MySQL Player Data Bridge

  • Online and Offline UUID support! Does no work on non UUID servers, so will will work on 1.7.10 and up.
  • Add MySQL storage for Essentials userdata files.
  • Option to remove inactive users from the database.
  • Saves all data that is stored in the user data files. (Ex. homes, money, mails... everything)
  • Allows you to sync essentials data across servers.
  • Support for QuickShop or QuickShop Reremake plugin for offline sales.
  • Support for ChestShopplugin for offline sales and buy orders.
  • Support for AuctionHouse plugin for offline auctions.
  • Support for PlayerShopGUI+ plugin for offline sales.
  • Support for ShopChestplugin for offline sales and buy orders.
  • Option to delete the entire Essentials/userdata folder on server shutdown or restart.
  • Option to delete user data files when players leave the server and data is saved on database.
  • Command to import all users data files to the database.
  • Command to export all users from the database back into essentials userdata files. So you can remove the plugin anytime without data loss.
  • Command to get Balance Top from the database data.
  • Ability to filter the players data file and remove data that you don't what to save.
  • Very configurable, check the config sample below.
  • Light, will use little resources and tasks run async to not impact the server performance or TPS.
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