SimpleSorting - Sort Containers and Inventories

Free MC Plugin SimpleSorting - Sort Containers and Inventories 1.0.7
Easy (and powerful) Inventory Sorting for CraftBukkit / Spigot!


Easy (and powerful) Inventory Sorting for CraftBukkit / Spigot!

What is SimpleSorting?

SimpleSorting is a lightweight and simple CraftBukkit / Spigot plugin that allows players to sort chests, trapped chests, double chests, ender chests, shulker boxes, etc… with a simple middle click! The plugin supports multiple sorting modes, and even allows multi inventory sorting functionality! (many inventories being sorted at once as one big inventory).

How do I use SimpleSorting?

For single inventories, you simply middle click any slot in the container’s inventory! You can also crouch right click inventory-containing blocks from the outside!

For multi-inventory sorting, crouch hit all blocks you want to sort from, then crouch hit the air or a non-inventory block to confirm. You may also crouch right click the air or a non-container block to cancel. Additionally, you can point your mouse at each block and “/ss addInv”, then “/ss confirm” to sort all selected inventories, or use “/ss cancel” to cancel. The multi-sorting action will expire after 60 seconds without selecting an inventory-containing blocks or confirming.


  • Easy, no commands needed container inventory sorting. Use is natural, just middle click in an inventory to sort it!
  • Sort your own personal inventory with “/ss inv”
  • Built-in SimpleSorting Tutorial book that explains how to use the plugin.
  • Multi inventory sorting functionality. Select multiple inventories and sort them all at once as if one large inventory. This can eliminate repeat stacks in your entire storage area, even with 100+ chests!
  • The plugin is lightweight, efficient, and will not add to your TPS!
  • A config file that allows changing settings such as sorting mode.
  • Area build permissions support! If a player cannot place a block in the location of the container block, they cannot sort its inventory. This feature can be toggled via the config file.
  • Realtime config reload capabilities. Using '/ss reload' you may reload the config without restarting your server!
  • Inventory name blacklist and whitelist (such that inventory menus from other plugins cannot be sorted)
  • A language file that allows for easy modification of the plugin messages, thus allowing translations.
  • 1.8+ support! You may install the plugin on any of these server versions and experience no issues!

Smart Sorting

Smart Sorting will always be a Work in Progress feature, and with coming updates I will do more to make this sorting “smarter”. My long-term goal is to sort according to the creative categories. For right now, the update puts food first, puts higher quality equipment before lower quality equipment, and puts full durability equipment before damaged equipment; defaulting to alphabetical sorting for everything else.


  • ss.user <- gives perms to use plugin features
  • ss.admin <- gives perms for admin features


Most of the commands are self-explanatory, although some require more context (for example “/ss confirm or /ss cancel”). This is why there is a built-in tutorial in the plugin that you can use to learn the proper use of such commands. Open the tutorial with /ss tutorial

User Commands

  • /ss help <- bring up help menu
  • /ss info <- show plugin info
  • /ss tutorial <- open tutorial book
  • /ss inv <- sort player’s inventory (excluding hotbar)
  • /ss looking <- sort container inventorying looking at
  • /ss addInv <- add container to multi-sort
  • /ss confirm <- confirm multi - sort
  • /ss cancel <- cancel multi - sort
Staff Commands
  • /ss reload <- reload the plugin config and language file



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