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Free MC Plugin [SELLING SOURCE] NetworkLevels [2.7.0]
Add a great leveling system for your network/server, unlock rewards when you levelup!

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What is NetworkLevels?
Network Levels is a leveling plugin for your players, when they play games or do stuff on the server you can make them earn xp and when they Level UP they can unlock awesome rewards via GUI, you can make unlimited amount of rewards with unlimited pages in the GUI, and each reward has a required level to unlock.

When you enable the MySQL do not use the plugin reload command use /reload instead or restart your server.

Note: About MySQL rewards
There are global and normal rewards
The MySQL will affect the normal rewards so when you unlock a reward in server1 it would be unlocked in server2.

The MySQL won't affect global rewards so if you unlocked the reward in server1 you can also unlock it in server2 so each server has different rewards but you keep your levels and xp.

You can enable/disable any type you want in the config.

  • Works on bungeecord servers
  • Easy to use and simple to setup
  • MySQL and Flat File support
  • Can be used for servers and networks
  • Advanced GUI for rewards and pages system
  • 100% Custom, you will find everything in config files
  • PlaceholderAPI and MVdWPlaceholderAPI support
  • Level progress on the normal minecraft XP bar of the player can be enabled for specific worlds
  • Specific description/level required/displayname of each reward
  • All messages are configurable
  • No Lag
  • UUID Support
  • Global and Normal rewards

Commands: Main command [/nl, /networklevels, /networklevel]

Player Commands:
  • /networklevels rewards | To open the rewards GUI
  • /networklevels stats | To view your own stats
  • /networklevels stats <player> | To view other players stats
  • /networklevels about | To view plugin information
Admin Commands: Permission [Ops, networklevels.admin]
  • /networklevels admin | To view admin commands
  • /networklevels reset <player> | To reset all data of a player
  • /networklevels addxp <player> <amount> | Add a specific amount of xp to a player
  • /networklevels addrandomxp <player> <amount-1> <amount-2> | To add random amount of xp between 2 numbers
  • /networklevels setxp <player> <amount> | Set a specific amount of xp for a player
  • /networklevels removexp <player> <amount> | Remove a specific amount of xp from a player
  • /networklevels addlevel <player> <amount> | Add a specific amount of levels to a player
  • /networklevels setlevel <player> <amount> | Set a specific amount of levels for a player
  • /networklevels removelevel <player> <amount> | Remove a specific amount of levels from a player
  • /networklevels reload | To reload all config files

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