RPGHorses | GUI Based ⭐ Fully Customizable ✏️ [1.8.8 - 1.20.4] ✅

MC Plugin RPGHorses | GUI Based ⭐ Fully Customizable ✏️ [1.8.8 - 1.20.4] ✅ 1.2.25
Introduces an RPG side to your horses


Test Server - - Thanks to Vultam for hosting (for free <3)

Support - https://discord.gg/ktDpUnX

NEW - MySQL Support - Synchronize horses and horse market across servers!

NEW - Players can now claim wild/tamed vanilla horses as rpghorses!



Horses will level up over time and become faster and stronger! You can use vault to customize the cost of upgrading your horse.


/horses - rpghorses.stable (default)
/horses help - rpghorses.help (default)
/horses claim - rpghorses.claim (default)
/horses market - rpghorses.market (default)
/horses sell <horse-number> <price> - rpghorses.sell (default)
/horses buy <horse-crate> <price> - rpghorses.buy
/rpghorses trail <particle> - rpghorses.trail
/horsesadmin give <horse-crate> <player> - rpghorses.give
/horsesadmin give <health> <movement-speed> <jump-strength> <type> [color] [style] <player> - rpghorses.give
/horsesadmin remove <horse-number> <player> - rpghorses.remove
/rpghorsesadmin upgrade <horse-number> <player> - rpghorses.upgrade
/rpghorsesadmin listall - rpghorses.listall
/rpghorsesadmin check <radius> - rpghorses.check
/rpghorsesadmin removenear <radius> - rpghorses.removenear
/rpghorsesadmin reload - rpghorses.reload


In addition to the above permissions:

rpghorses.trail.* - access to all trails
rpghorses.trail.<trail> - access to a specific trail
rpghorses.limit.* - unlimited horse limit
rpghorses.limit.x - player can own up to x horses


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