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MC Plugin PlotSquared v7 7.3.8
The best plot plugin available for Minecraft.

The first release candidate for v7 including support for 1.20 and 1.20.1 has been published. Read more about it on the changelog tab before updating!

Version 6.0.0 and higher requires Java 17 to run.
Taking frequent backups is advised alongside reporting issues to the issue tracker so they can be addressed.
Join our discord server if you have questions to the new release.
This release is stable to use.​


PlotSquared is a land and world management plugin. It includes several highly configurable world generators. You can create plots of land in existing worlds using plot clusters, or you can have a full world of plots.


  • In built plot downloading + cross server saving and loading.
  • Plot swapping / copying and cross world plot moving.
  • Plot merging, your own plots or between friends
  • Extensive flag system so you can decide what should be protected on a per world, or per plot basis
  • Plot entry notifications / per plot time / weather / music etc with the flag system
  • Add custom roads to existing maps to make them look nicer
  • Configure additional messages however you want
  • Dynamic world border to prevent excessive exploring
  • Mob protection and per plot mob limiting
  • Interactive commands such as plot listing
  • Plot rating, ranking, complexity analysis, and auto clearing calibration
  • Use javascript to add new commands or script simple things like auto merging all plots
  • Plot schematic saving, loading and pasting
  • Per player settings such as plot chat and entry notifications
  • World creation either with multiverse, /plot setup, or manual yml configuration
  • Plot commenting and inboxes
  • World auto trimming which reduces the CPU and disk usage when people explore
  • Pistons and Sand/TNT cannons are properly restricted
  • Per plot redstone settings + plot redstone disablers
  • Restrict the use of WorldEdit to plots only.
  • Chunk processing to safely unload dangerous chunks (also processes WorldEdit commands)
  • Component setting (floor, wall, border, etc.)
  • Section off areas (e.g. an area for donors) with plot clusters, or add plot clusters to vanilla worlds
  • Plot naming (for teleportation)
  • Configurable command confirmation (e.g. for /plot clear)
  • A lot of generators, and settings to choose from

If you are looking for a changelog for v4 to v5, see here.

New PlotSquared features since 6.0.0
  • 100% Compatibility with PlotSquared version 5
  • Complete rewrite of the translation system
  • Improved tab completion and added tab completion to almost all commands
  • Compatibility and feature usage of Java 16
  • All messages are now using components, like the game does natively, over string based messages
  • The ability to use the client's locale to translate messages
  • New configuration options breaking down teleport actions of claiming plots
  • Plot titles can now be displayed as action bar and the duration can be defined
  • /plot rate is now customizable
  • You are now able to determine whether notifications, such as greetings, should be send as chat message or actionbar
  • The /plot setup wizard has been overhauled making plot world creations much more intuitive
  • The ability to customize the plot sign material
  • New placeholders have been added you can use thru PlaceholderAPI.
  • The legacy /plot download interface has been replaced by Arkitektonika, a NBT REST repository.
  • Vault is now being used as default currency allowing other plugins to provide their own currency ($, €, etc.)
  • The flags leaf-decay, fall-damage, crop-grow, no-portals, deny-portal-travel, lectern-read-book and entity-change-block have been added allowing much more control of Minecraft features.
  • A plenty of issues and suggestions have been addressed making it easier to work with plot world plots & merged plots
  • The prices in worlds.yml now use ANTLR instead of Nashorn to calculate prices
  • Plot chat is now logged to console, if enabled in the settings
  • Lots of other backend changes the end user does not notice but making our codebase easier to work with.
  • Full 1.17 support
  • ...and much more! Check the full changelog here!

Does this work with version 5 of PlotSquared ?​
Sure it does!
PlotSquared v6 covers the entire conversion process. You don't need to add any new translations or do anything yourself, we got you there.

How to install and update PlotSquared​
Updating and installing PlotSquared is pretty easy and simple. You can upgrade from v5 pretty easy and update v6 in the same way: Just drag and drop the jar and you are ready to go. Make sure your WorldEdit version matches 7.2.6 or higher.

You can read more about the installation and the initial steps on our wiki.
Why is this a premium resource?​

PlotSquared has been free and open sourced since 2014. Overall PlotSquared has half a million downloads and is a mandatory part to lots of servers.
Posting it as premium resource allows us to spend more time developing it

Does PlotSquared support older MC releases?​
Yes, you can use them for sure with older releases of PlotSquared v5 from the "Version History" tab, but keep in mind, that we can't recommend on the usage of outdated MC versions within the tested version range unless you can acknowledge the issues of older releases being addressed in modern, supported mc, the lack of performance improvements and overall missing out gameplay features.


Lets look on a few features

Plot Merging, per plot biomes and multi block plot parts

Easy In-Game Setup


Per plot weather


Survival plots


Plot Backups


Customizable Plot Caps


Extensive and interactive flag system


Complete control over plot composition...

And much more!
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