Party And Friends Extended Edition for Bungeecord/Velocity | Supports 1.7 - 1.20.x

MC Plugin Party And Friends Extended Edition for Bungeecord/Velocity | Supports 1.7 - 1.20.x 1.0.241-E
Party and Friends plugin with GUI, hide feature and optional RedisBungee and Velocity support

You are having only one Spigot server and no BungeeCord? Then you need this version.

You only need this plugin on the Spigot servers for the GUI. Install the jar you downloaded on the BungeeCord (to provide on every server the /friend and /party command) and the same jar on one or more Spigot servers (only on those servers the GUI will exist).

  • The plugin has a friend system with many features
  • The plugin has a party system which is connected to the friend system
  • Add a clan/guild system via this huge extension with GUI
  • Use the TS Extension of Party and Friends, to add cool features for TeamSpeak to Party and Friends
  • The plugin has an fully configurable (you can even add your own items with which you can execute commands) inventory GUI (see pictures above) (only in this extended version). Features of the GUI:
    • List your friend, show their online status, on which server they are and see when they were online the last time
    • Interact with your friends (jump to them (can be disabled in config), invite them into a party or remove them from your friend list)
    • List your friend requests and accept or deny them
    • View and change your settings
    • The friend GUI can either be opened by right click on the friend item (can be disabled in the config) or by typing in the command /friendsgui
    • All items can be changed and renamed.
  • Use Base64 custom textures. To find custom textures use this website. When you have chosen a custom texture just copy "Value" and paste it into the config.yml
  • The plugin has a hide feature with a Friends and Party GUI (only in this extended version) (can be disabled)
    • It can either be accessed by the command /hide or by right clicking on the hide item (can be configured and disabled in the config)
    • There are the following hide modes:
      • Show all players
      • Show only friends and people of the server team (for the plugin a server member is someone who has the permission which can be set under "General.PermissionNoHide")
      • Show only friends
      • Show only people of the server team (for the plugin a server member is someone who has the permission which can be set under "General.PermissionNoHide")
      • Show no one
  • You can rename commands and add aliases for all Top-/SubCommands
  • Supports optionally RedisBungee (only in this extended version)
  • Users can set the following settings:
    • If they want to receive friend requests (useful for youtubers)
    • If they want to receive party invitations from everybody or just by their friends (useful for youtubers)
    • If they want to, that friends can see their online status
    • If their friends should be allowed to jump to them (disabled if “jump to friend” is disabled)
    • If they want to receive messages by their friends (useful for youtubers if they are recording at the moment)
  • Already translated into the following languages:
    • English (plugin intern (set "General.Language" to english))
    • German (plugin intern (set "General.Language" to german))
    • Chinese by ferrinweb
    • French
    • Spanish by @anchelthe
    • Russian
    • Italian by @Ilario42
    • Norwegian by EmrikPlays
    • Dutch by @LimitedGames
    • Hungarian by @Konfigbacsi00
    • If you translated the language file into your language, you can contact me so I can release that message file to all.
    • The language file is created (in either English or German depending on what "General.Language" is set to) and used if "General.UseOwnLanguageFile" is activated (The messages.yml is saved and read in UTF-8 (only important for people who want to use umlauts))
  • Optional self chosen permissions (just leave the permissions in the config blank, so everybody can use the party/friend commands)
  • You can set the maximum player number per party (set it in the config to anything below 2 to disable this feature) (there is a permission that allows users with that permission to have no player limit in their parties (useful for premium players) (permission can be set in the config). You are also able to set a certain ammounts of slots for people with certain permissions)
  • Complete friend/party commands by pressing tab (only in this extended version)
  • An msg system with /r and offline messages (only in this extended version)
  • You can set disabled servers under "General.DisabledServers" (only in this extended version)
  • Clickable help messages (only in this extended version)
  • Includes an API (How to use it)
  • There is also a Friend-API for Spigot Plugins, a Party-API for Spigot plugins and also an API for PHP scripts

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