RPG Party System

MC Plugin RPG Party System 3.35 | Final version
Best party system with great functionality

This plugin allows you to create a party of players. The players in the party, has new opportunities are available

The plug is made specifically for RPG Player Leveling
But as can work without it...

  • Ability to create a party
  • Maximum party players 9
  • Convenient management interface
  • Convenient commands
  • Displays skins players in the party info
  • Party chat
  • Automatic creation of party, when at the invitation Player
  • Automatic disbanding the party if the party was 1 player
  • Scoreboard that displays players (Default disabled)
  • Scrolls experience, enhances the experience of party members
  • Players from the Party can not do damage to the members of the party
  • If the leader left the party, will be appointed the new leader
  • The ability to kick a player from the part
  • Support Factions plugin. [Only players from one Faction can join to party]
  • [PlayerLeveling] When a player gains experience, and next to him has a member party, they both get experience, but it is divided in half! You can increase the amount of experiences using "Scroll of experience"
  • You can adjust the level difference between the experience for players
  • The unique ability of the division of the loot!
  • There are 3 types of drop separation.
  • This is valid only when the participants of the party next to each othe
  • Normal - Nothing change
  • Radom - Drop that player will be picked up randomly distribute
  • Leader - Drop that pickup the player will always get the party leader

  • /party invite <player_name> - Invite player to party
  • /party kick <player_name> - Kick player from party
  • /party leader <player_name> - Set new party leader
  • /party drop <normal, random, leader> - Change drop type
  • /party tp <player_name> - Teleport player to leader [pex: party.tp]
  • /pc <message> - Party chat [pex: party.chat]
  • /party toggle - Enable/Disable an invitation to the party
  • /party leave - Leave party
  • /party info - Party info (menu and manager)
  • /party reload - Reload config [pex: party.reload]
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