⭐️ Mythical Races Premium ⭐️ 1.18.x - 1.20.x ⭐️

MC Plugin ⭐️ Mythical Races Premium ⭐️ 1.18.x - 1.20.x ⭐️ 2.4.6-SE-V1
A flexible, advanced plugin with races, abilities, potion effects, attributes, and classes


----- General -----

MythicalRaces premium is the premium version of the plugin MythicalRaces. The difference between the free version and the premium is of many, this plugin contains a leaderboard command, allows temperature specific situations, more customizability upon the /races gui. Example being using a custom head, or having a custom id. This plugin also gives the ability for abilities, these commands you can call abilities. Abilities have a massive range of capabilities, from running commands from other plugins, regular mc plugins, running from the player themselves and from the console. The specific situations you could call events, events are what happens in-game and when they are fired, events can be shown below inside the configuration comments.

By buying this plugin, you also get an extra 18 races on top of your default races from MythicalRaces, each race having 2 sub-races and utilizes abilities.

Examples of some abilities
- Summon entities
- Apply an effect onto your enemies
- Summon lightning to all nearby entities
- Apply an effect to all nearby entities
- Become friendly with certain mobs
- Turn any projectile into a deadly weapon
- Right-click an item to execute an ability on an entity that you are looking at within X blocks
- Destroying/RightClicking blocks can allow certain commands to be executed for the players, this may give a potion effect, item, or anything else
- Right-clicking an item to give you levitation and have the ability to flight for your flying races
- Each ability can be unique and there are tons of events in-game, this plugin allows you to give your players extraordinary abilities for your server
- Each ability has a % chance of it happening, as well as a cooldown and specific material requirements needed (for specific events)
- The possibilities of this plugin are endless, you can create billions of different configurations for your races and let your imagination go wild

- A race tree evolution for races
- GUI selection of races
- Biome/Block/Y-axis/World/Storm/LightLevel/Temperature specific situation effects
- Custom levelling [12 different types of levelling]
- Custom abilities for a type of race
- The ability to create as many races as you desire, and can create up to 53 evolutions for a base race
PAPI Placeholders
Commands and Permissions
/races choose [race] | mythicalraces.race.[race] example (mythicalraces.race.Elf)
/races help | mythicalraces.help
/races info [race] | mythicalraces.info.races
/races gui | mythicalraces.gui
/races tree | mythicalraces.tree
/races profile | mythicalraces.profile
/races profile [player] | mythicalraces.profile.other
/races set {race} {player} | mythicalraces.race.setrace [Do not give to default players]
/races biome | mythicalraces.biome
/races list | mythicalraces.list.races
/races lvlset [player] [level] | mythicalraces.lvlset
/races leaderboard | mythicalraces.leaderboard
mythicalraces.cooldown.bypass to bypass race choosing cooldowns
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