[1.13-1.20.4] Races of Thana・Custom GUI, Attributes, Day & Night Effects and more!

MC Plugin [1.13-1.20.4] Races of Thana・Custom GUI, Attributes, Day & Night Effects and more! 3.1.24
The one, and only truly customizable race plugin


Add a MMORPG feel to your server by adding races to your server with endless customization!


Races of Thana was created to bring a more realistic RPG-feel to Minecraft in the form of truly custom races as opposed to just the addition of potion effects as a permanent passive, and a set of permissions.

Some of the core features include but are not limited to:
  • Custom Races
    • Truly custom races. Give every race their own set of attributes (& custom attributes!), passive effects, day & night effects, permissions, sounds, and much more!
    • By being able to trigger things on time (day / night events), it has never before become easier to change the skin of people from a certain race.
  • Your own Race Selection GUI
    • By being in full control of what the Race Selection GUI looks like, you can make it fit to your server's style.
    • You can limit who's able to see certain races, effectively limiting the races they can choose from. Great for progression-based servers, but also as a perk!
    • You can even set up a NPC which will take in a token and allow you to change your race.
  • Extremely easy to use & understand
    • With a single drag & drop, you'd already be good to go. To customize your races, simply modify the configuration file(s) as you'd like and type /races reload. That's it, literally.
    • Extensive explanations are down below. It has all the information you need.
    • In need of support? I'd love to help you out via the Discord server or discussion thread.
Hard Dependencies: Vault, Citizens (Race Tokens / Race-Changer NPC)
Soft Dependencies: PlaceholderAPI (Placeholders), LuckPerms, LoreAttributesRecoded (v5.0.2)


MythicMobs support: Able to check race within MM's configuration by using a custom condition
Exclusive Armor-specific Addon: Will address item restrictions / limitations per race.
Race experience: Upgrade-able races, gain experience by doing various things per race.


<> = mandatory arguments || [] = optional arguments
Aliases: [traces, thanar, thanaraces, racesofthana, rot, races, race]
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