Jetpack Basics

MC Plugin Jetpack Basics 1.5.1
Jetpacks, and theirs basics!


Jetpack Basics is a WIP customizable jetpack plugin, that allows players to fly in survival mode without cheating!

Even if you don't want to customize it, you can use it with default options

Hey, tell me more about this plugin!
First, here is what it looks like:

Of course, you can configure the plugin to disable particles when you're on ground, remove cloud effect, or remove all the particles when the jetpack is empty!

What about jetpacks?
By default, there are four jetpacks:
Simple Jetpack, Modern Jetpack, Advanced Jetpack and Ultimate Jetpack
(From the less powerful to the most one)
Each of them have a different configurable speed and energy storage.
There's also an Example Jetpack, but the recipe is disabled by default.

How do you craft them?

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