Interactions | Create Complex Conversations with NPCs [1.8-1.20.4]

MC Plugin Interactions | Create Complex Conversations with NPCs [1.8-1.20.4] 2.2.4
Make your players talk with NPCs choosing multiple options. Must have for RPG Servers!


This plugin allows you to add dialogues to your NPCs, creating complex conversation trees. You can add different options to these conversations, so the player can continue talking to the NPC writing (or clicking) the number of the option in the chat.

What makes Interactions better than any other "conversation/dialogue/quests" plugin is that you have total control of the conversations you create. You can add requirements for an option to be selected, or even create "conditional dialogues" that will only be sent to the player if some conditions are met. You can also execute different actions to the player within a conversation, like giving him a potion effect or executing a command.

You can create and edit conversations ingame using the plugin GUI!


You can use this plugin as a support for many Quest plugins that don't have an extensive dialogue system!




- ✓ GUI Inventory to create Conversations
- Starting NPC or Entity for conversations
- Starting/Ending radius for conversations
- Start conversation from any point/location you want (with command)
- Block player movement while in conversation (with ProtocolLib support)
- Permission to start a conversation
- Cooldown for conversations
- Mutiple conversations/dialogues branches
- Requirements/conditions for dialogues and options
- ✓ Conditional Dialogues
- ✓ Multiple Actions
(execute commands, play sound, send title message, give potion effect, and more!)
- ✓ PlaceholderAPI Requirements using variables
- PlaceholderAPI variables in dialogues
- Clickable options
- Selectable options (W, S keys and SNEAK/JUMP)
- Next/Skip dialogue button
- Random dialogues
- BossBar feature while in conversation (1.9+)
- ActionBar feature while in conversation
- Variable to know if a player has reached to some dialogue
- 1.16 HEX Colors support for chat messages
- ✓ Works with 1.8+


Spigot or Paper (not craftbukkit)
2. Citizens (optional, to start conversations with NPCs) (
3. PlaceholderAPI (optional, to manage requirements,
4. ProtocolLib (optional, to completely block player movement while in conversation,

To install the plugin on your server just place the Interactions file inside your plugins folder and start your server. Examples files will be generated in the conversations folder, you can use them as a reference or delete them.

Use /interactions create <conversation> and /interactions edit <conversation> to start creating your first conversation!

You can create and edit a conversation using the GUI inside the game, or maybe you will find more easily to edit everything on the configuration file of each conversation.


To a proper understanding of the plugin check the wiki below. Here you will find the whole plugin explained in detail.

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