[EAE] Bumper

XF2 Addons [EAE] Bumper 1.2.1
Bumper adds new permissions to give members the option to bump content without making a post.

Compatible versions
2.1, 2.2
Requires XF v2.1+, and PHP 7.2+


Purchasing this add-on entitles you to one installation on your live site and one installation on a password protected test site. This add-on can not be repackaged or redistributed in any form.


Bumper adds new permissions to give members the the option to bump content without making a post. They can be set to allow bumping of only their content or others contents. You can also set when the bump expires. Expired bumped content will fall back in their proper order as if they were never bumped. Admins can also set permissions to not allow members to make a double-post in their threads or others threads.

Bumper supports the bumping of resource items (requires BumperRM, a free add-on), and bumping of media items and albums (requires BumperMG, a free add-on).

Bumper does not modify the thread table. If you un-install this add-on all bumped items will fall back into their original position. Note: if you have BumperRM or BumperMG installed you can not un-install Bumper until they are un-installed first.

  • Bumper statistics (AdminCP -> Content -> Bumper statistics): Here, admins with the View statistics admin permission can view a list of active and expired bumps, with bump counts. You can also choose to expire selected active bumps or all active bumps.
  • Widget: Bumper comes with a widget that you can set to choose what content types you want to display (threads for Bumper only. Resources, media items and albums if the appropriate add-in is installed). The widget requires one query plus one additional query for each selected content type (required for viewing permission checks).
  • New bumps list (What's new -> New bumps): Here members can view the recently bumped content if they are allowed to view the widget.
  • Allowing bumping is forum based (AdminCP -> Forums -> Nodes -> Select a node (->Advanced options for XF 2.2) -> Allow bumping of threads in this forum): Check to allow bumping of threads in this forum. Note that this setting does not affect the double posting permissions, they are independent.
  • Bumped content will not appear as new content (ie: latest posts) as a bump does not supply any new content, doing so would be mis-leading.
  • Bumped threads will not appear above stuck threads, but sticky threads can be bumped as well (permission based).
  • Active bumped threads will have a status indicator displayed in the threads status row. Hovering over the icon will display the time the thread was bumped.

Options (Setup -> Options -> [EAE] Bumper):
  • Fa-icon: Set which font awesome icon you want to represent bumped content. Defaulted to fa-level-up-alt.
  • Can re-bump active bumps every: Bumper supports multi-bumping. A member must have at least one bump remaining to multi-bump. After the thread has been bumped, and as long as the bump remains active, the member may re-bump theirs or others threads ever x minutes. Defaulted to 360 mins.
  • Place a bump button in the editor: A bump button appears above and below content. The lower bump button can be set to appear within the editor itself instead of below the list.
  • Thread bumps expire in: Set when bumped threads expire. Defaults to 7 days on install. A cron job runs once an hour looking for bumps that should be expired.
  • Can bypass re-bump active minutes setting (general, user group): Those with this permission can bypass the option Can re-bump active bumps every. This should only be given to moderators or administrators.
  • Number of threads that a member can bump per day (general, user group): This should be set to one if you allow multi-bumping to prevent excessive re-bumping of x amount of threads.
  • Bump own threads (per forum, user group): Set to allow members to bump their own threads.
  • Bump threads by others (per forum, user group): Set to allow members to bump others threads.
  • Bump sticky threads (per forum, user group): Admins/Mods may want to bump stuck threads to the top of the sticky list to help give more exposure to important informative threads.
  • Multi-bump threads (per forum, user group): This permission will allow members to re-bump active bumped threads. If a thread does not have an active bump and a member has no remaining bumps, the thread can not be bumped. If a member has no bumps left and a thread has an active bump, it can be re-bumped by the member.
  • A thread can only be bumped this many times (per forum, user group): Set the maximum number of bumps a thread can have. Once this number is reached, a thread can not be bumped again (unless set to a higher value for another user group, premium for example). If you allow multi-bumping this should be set to a reasonable lower value.
  • Can double post in own threads (per forum, user group): If the thread starter is the last poster, without this permission, they can not reply until another member makes a reply. Defaulted to yes on install.
  • Can double post in threads by others (per forum, user group): Defaulted to yes on install.
  • Can view bumper widget (general, user group): Set to allow members to view the widget that shows the latest bumps. This permission is also required to view the New bumps tab on the What's new page.
  • start with eae_bp_ prefix.
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