Anti Xray Heuristics

MC Plugin Anti Xray Heuristics 1.3.10
A set of heuristics designed to stop and or punish Xray usage


Anti Xray Heuristics is an heuristically based plugin designed to catch and (if wanted) punish xrayers.
AXH has proven efficiency in detecting and punishing cheating for mining situations.
This plugin focuses on Xray detection ONLY. Thus no checks for stopping other hacks are, or will be provided. This specialization facilitates the plugin's aim to become the ultimate lightweight/drag and drop antixray solution.

I've seen all of the alternatives Spigot and mcmarket have to offer (including those offered in classic antihacks with more checks), and I feel bold enough to say that this is the current best solution. If you find anything better let me know. - @Mithrandir - AXH author.

The mining session in the showcase example lasted around 12 minutes (sped up in video) until AXH detected me.

I got caught after mining 17 diamonds, and I wasn't even mining excessively straight towards them, or too fast (I was lazy, xrayers get lazy too).

In my case, I decided I only wanted the plugin to confiscate my inventory for xraying. However, you can add whatever consequences you like.

On my main server I confiscate, send to spawn (through commands), and then ban for 5 minutes with an "uninstall xrays" message as reason.

Important disclaimers


• Detect, block and/or punish players who are cheating in order to find ores easyer.
• The configurable command executions make it easyer for you to determine exactly what should happen to xrayers and when, however it's up to you to depend on other plugins for such actions.
• Choose which worlds you want the plugin to track in.
• Automatically punish xrayers if desired through configurable options (such as inventory confiscation) and automatic custom commands.
• Optionally warn staff about an xrayer when detected.
• Xrayer Vault GUI - View caught xrayers by head, name, date, and number of times detected. You can also view their confiscated inventory if you choose to activate the auto-confiscations.
• Extremely few false positives. However, in the unlikely situation where a false positive where to occur, a confiscated inventory rollback can be dispatched thanks to the Xrayer Vault GUI & commands.
• Two available persistent memory storage methods: MySQL & JSON.
• Translatable to your own language through locale.yml


• More features, but still lightweight: The core routines and checks this AntiXray executes will always be really efficient and represent very low resource usage for your server, while providing extra control over xrayer missbehaviour through many features other antixrays lack. This antixray is definetly more full circle than any other while being just as lightweight or more.
• You and your staff won't have to be chasing after xrayers manually, or consulting the limited stats and warnings provided by other antixray resource solutions. This plugin will hunt the xrayers for you, by finding them, automatically punishing them, notifying you and your staff exactly when it happens, and finally letting you decide any corrections or further actions whenever you want thanks to the GUI.
And all this is happening even while you are sleeping.
• No stupid false positives other antixrays present in situations such as mining with silk touch, and farming xp from ore nodes.
• No dependencies: This plugin doesn't, and will never depend on any other plugins.
• Drag and drop: The configurations you need to apply are minimal, however you have a fair (and above average) amount of control and customization through the configuration available.
Technically the bare minimum you need to do is not forget to choose which worlds you want AXH to monitor, in config.yml.


This plugin currently has no Bungeecord functionality. The need for it is up for debate, thus it must currently be installed per-server.
1. Stop your server.
2. Download the plugin and place it inside your server's /plugins file
3. Start the server.
4. Open /plugins/AntiXrayHeuristics/ , here you should see: config.yml, xrayers.json & locale.yml
5. Configure the plugin as you wish, however, the bare minimum you must do in order to get it to work should be to edit TrackWorlds in config.yml by adding the worlds you wish AXH to monitor, onto the list.
6. Once you have finished configuring, reload the plugin's configurations with /axh reload, or restart the server (recommended)

If you wish to change the persistent memory storage method, stop the server again, and change the StorageType in config.yml. If you are not using JSON, you can delete the xrayers.json file which is generated by default the first time you install the plugin. (Other json files may be created in future versions of this plugin for cross-load data persistence, which you should not delete)
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