⭐ AngelChest Plus ⭐ Death Chests & Graveyards

MC Plugin ⭐ AngelChest Plus ⭐ Death Chests & Graveyards 11.1.2
Best death chest plugin available! 100% customizable + economy support + auto config update ...

  • [+] Added 1.20.6 support (all 1.16+ versions should still work)
  • [!] Fixed exception when trying to measure distance to graveyards from within other worlds
  • [!] Fixed plugin not enabling on versions 1.20.4 and older
  • [+] Added two new config options: force-close-open-inventory-on-angelchest-spawn and call-inventory-close-event-manually-if-needed
    • Both default to true and shouldn't be changed unless you have a specific reason to
    • The default settings fix the below mentioned issue
  • [!] Fixed possible item duplication for plugins altering the player's inventory during InventoryCloseEvent in a certain way
  • [!] Fixed PvPManager NPCs duplicating items on death
  • [+] Added config option "try-to-ignore-npc-deaths" (default true)
  • [!] Fixed Exception when ItemsAdder is installed but disabled
  • [+] blacklist.yml is now also available in the free version!
  • [o] Reduced filesize by getting rid of unused dependencies
  • [+] Added Czech translation
Updated Null Method to enable Premium
  • [+] Added option "random-item-loss-ignores-shulkerboxes"
  • [+] Added PAPI placeholders:
    • %angelchest_allowed% - Checks if the player currently has permission (angelchest.use)
    • %angelchest_enabled_and_allowed% - Checks if the player has angelchest.use permission, and whether they have NOT disabled AngelChest using /actoggle
  • [!] Fixed console spam about "inconsistent skull meta" on 1.20.2 and newer
  • [+] [Updated French translation, thanks @Le_Sage_De_Nancy
  • [+] Added toStringRegex in blacklist.yml
    • This options allows to fully detect every possible item whatsoever, for example books containing a certain word (or even books with a specific word on the second line of the third page, ...), items created by custom plugins, etc
  • Added config option "dont-clear-inventory" for use with plugins that log inventory contents on death
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