1.8 - 1.19 ✨ AdvancedAuctionHouse ✨Auctions & Item Categories! ✨

Free MC Plugin 1.8 - 1.19 ✨ AdvancedAuctionHouse ✨Auctions & Item Categories! ✨ 1.5.2
Item Categories/Filters ✔ Create own filters ✔ Extremely configurable ✔ Sort items per category

Advanced Auction House is the first Lightweight Auction House plugin with sorted item categories and extreme configurability. This plugin takes auctions to new heights with possibilities.


(Paper/Taco)Spigot 1.8.3 - 1.19

  • Auction Items - Sorted
    • Extremely useful and aesthetical auction view to quickly pick which items player is looking for, all which are accessible through main menu.
    • Searching functionality implemented within the main menu inventory to find items faster.
    • Create categories, to which items get sorted.
    • Smart filter (configurable in config.yml) to list filtered items without having a clutter list of materials (example can be found here)
    • Filter items depending on their data!
      'MOB_SPAWNER <name contains>Pig</name contains>' Would allow filtering of Pig spawners only for certain auction category. Allowed filters: name contains, name equals, lore contains, lore equals - more documentation can be found in config.yml
    • Remove items auctioned by other players by shift-clicking the item(s)!
    • NEW! Disable categories and make the plugin act like normal auction house plugin - one category with all items! [disables main menu]
  • Extreme Configurability
    • Configure each aspect of the plugin, from commands, to item slots!
    • Plugin command is completely configurable through config.yml with it's aliases, description or main command fully changeable - make your auction feel more like it's a part of your server.
    • Each message that you will see is configurable.
  • Made for quick configuration
    • Load the plugin up and you will receive a text file 'materials.txt' with list of materials applicable for your minecraft version - no longer have issues figuring out which material belongs to which minecraft version when configuring, now always know!
    • Configuration is readable to humans, memory is sorted in a way so you can change it yourself (custom storage set)!
  • Great Support
    • Join our Advanced Support discord to get support from 400 members!
    • Quick plugin fixes provided right after an issue is confirmed.
  • Configuration Auto Updater
    • Never worry about so many updates this plugin gets!
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