XLTournaments ✅ Ultimate Global Tournament Plugin ⭐ 25+ Objective Types [1.19 - 1.20.4]

MC Plugin XLTournaments ✅ Ultimate Global Tournament Plugin ⭐ 25+ Objective Types [1.19 - 1.20.4] v3.17.0-BETA-1.5
Reward your players for participating in server-wide events!


XLTournaments is the perfect tournaments plugin where players compete in server-wide events to earn rewards! Complete with an API to include your own custom objectives!


25+ Tournament Objectives
  • XLTournaments has over 25 internal and external objectives suited for all server types. You can view all of them here.​
  • Internal objectives do not require external dependencies and can be used straight away.​
  • External objectives hook into other plugins to fetch data and use it in XLTournaments. PlaceholderAPI is also supported as an external objective type giving a much wider variety of plugins supported.
    • TokenEnchant explosive enchantments are supported for block break related tournaments. This is also configurable to use.​
Tournament Timelines
  • The plugin currently offers four types of tournament timelines:
    • Daily​
    • Weekly​
    • Monthly​
    • Specific (certain date and time)​
  • The plugin, by default, will also get your system timezone to utilise. If you'd like to use a different timezone, this is completely customisable in each tournament configuration.​
Challenge Tournaments
  • Challenge tournaments are a configurable option where players must reach a specific goal in order to complete the tournament and get rewards.​
  • It's not like the ordinary tournament where rewards are given on the highest score, but to whom can complete the score goal the fastest.​
Variety of Tournament Options
  • Each tournament is fully configurable with many options to modify, including:
    • World blacklist which will not contribute to the tournament.​
    • Manual or automatic participation.​
    • Partcipation fee (from Vault plugin) or permission requirements to enter tournament.​
    • Actions executed upon entering, starting or ending a tournament.​
PlaceholderAPI Placeholders
  • XLTournaments has some PlaceholderAPI placeholders available to use which can be found here.​
  • No seperate expansion required.​
Extensive Developer API
  • Add your own custom objectives through our API or listen for tournament events. Find out more info here including a guide to add your own objectives.​

For all commands, permissions and other information including the objective types be sure to check out the wiki:

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XLTournaments ✅ Ultimate Global Tournament Plugin ⭐ 25+ Objective Types [1.19 - 1.20.4] is the ultimate Minecraft plugin to take your next project to new heights. Increase the quality of your Minecraft server gameplay by downloading it for free!

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