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Your users can start selling their stuff through threads.

Compatible versions
2.0, 2.1, 2.2
Have you ever searched for a simple sale/classifieds solution allowing your user to sell their stuff directly from the forums ?
Forum Sales is the solution ! Through a few additional fields to fill-in upon thread creation or edit, your users can start selling their stuff through threads. You can fine tune who and where sales are possible thanks to usergroup permission and nodes configuration.
Sales payment can be configured in two modes:
  • Individual: Users get paid directly either by PayPal or external means (eg. money, check, ..., if you authorize it as you wouldn't be able to get percentage on sales).
  • Centralized: You get paid by PayPal for every sale of users items and you then manually transfer the money back to the seller. The buyer has the mean to confirm the effective reception of the item thus allowing you to only give money back for guaranteed sales.
This product is also for you a new source of revenue thanks to Paypal Adaptive payments implementation, allowing you to set a percentage you want to retain on user sales. The percentage amount is automatically processed during the payment and sent to your paypal account while the rest is sent to the seller account in individual mode.
In centralized mode, the amount is substracted from the owed amount.
In individual mode, you can also let your user decide wether they want to donate or not a percentage of the sale as a participation to your website cost, all through options.
  • Simple classified solution allowing two kind of sales:
    • Local sales with payments handled through forum
    • External sales with link to website for purchase (optional, activable per forum) [NEW 2.2.0]
  • Node based usergroup permissions:
    • Can sell
    • Can buy
    • Percentage on sales (if active)
    • Authorization to request other payment mean
    • Manage sale by anyone
  • Per node activation and percentage on sales configuration. Can be set to only allow sales thread in node.
  • Three possible percentage on sales configuration for nodes:
    • Disabled
    • Node value based
    • Permission based
  • Monetization possible thanks to automatic percentage on sales retrieval
  • Two payments mode:
    • Individual: Users get paid directly as soon as the sale is concluded.
    • Centralized: You get paid as soon as the sale is concluded and you then have to manually process, when you want to, the transfer of the money back to the seller. Items reception can be confirmed by the buyer thus allowing you to ensure all sales are conclusive.
  • Fully configurable:
    • Authorized currencies
    • Paypal payment configuration
    • Unprocessed sales reset timeout (upon button click, sales are put on hold until purchase is performed)
    • Choice to display the price or the sold status on threads row in the threads list
    • Limitation of the maximum amount for the percentage on sale amount for each currency
    • Minimum price for each currency
    • Sales expiration delay (to avoid sales from going indefinitely with eventually buyer gone)
  • Sale configuration upon thread creation or sale management in Thread Tools menu:
    • Price
    • Currency
    • Sale status
    • Quantity
    • Option to accept contact per PM for other payment means
    • Option to require a physical address to be input on Paypal (buyer's protection requirement)
    • Donation amount (if active - individual mode only)
  • Shipping costs configuration in the sale with unlimited location/cost couple [NEW 2.2.0]
  • Immediate payment validation thanks to Paypal Express Checkout
  • Usergroup permissions to allow user to contact the seller to purchase through other payment means (individual mode only)
  • Buyer alerted upon successful sale
  • User criteria (for trophies)
    • Number of sales
    • Total amount of sales
  • Capability to change for each forum from the default thread list view to a grid view with an image thumbnail (using first attachment)
  • Complete sales log in admincp
  • User sales page on front-end:
    • Sales list
    • Owed amount by admin (centralized mode only)
  • User purchases page on front-end:
    • Purchases list
    • Capability to confirm item reception

Install/Uninstall instructions
The readme is available HERE.
Don't forget to install our Core add-on first, download it here.
Frequently Asked Questions
See HERE to see how to configure RM Marketplace (PayPal and invoicing), you must do that prior to using the add-on.
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