XenForo Media Gallery 2.2.3 Released | XFMG 2.2 Nulled

XF2 Releases XFMG XenForo Media Gallery 2.2.3 Released | XFMG 2.2 Nulled 2.2.3
XenForo Media Gallery (XFMG) 2.2 sees a range of new features and improvements.

Compatible versions

XenForo Media Gallery is an official XenForo add-on which allows you to add a gallery to your XenForo site.

The following is an overview of the currrent features:
  • Configure categories in the Admin CP (with options for which usergroups can upload to or view each category)
  • Set user/usergroup permissions to allow your staff or members to upload media to the gallery
  • Your members can create their own albums with with lots of privacy settings
  • Users can upload multiple files at a time to the gallery. Just like forum posts
  • Each category/album can be ordered based on various criteria and each category is paginated (per page limits available as options in the Admin CP)
  • Other options include restrictions on file size, media dimensions, thumbnail size, number of media items to be uploaded at a time, comments per page. All of these options are separate from any global forum attachment options
  • Above restrictions can also be imposed at the user group level
  • Media items can be liked, edited, deleted, commented on, rated, reported, approved/unapproved. Comments can be liked, edited, deleted, reported
  • Media items have easy to use share links. Share the page, the full size image, or even BB Code to copy/paste on other sites or elsewhere on the forum
  • See the media uploaded by each member and their albums via profile tabs or a link on their member card
  • Full integration with News Feed and Recent Activity
  • Full integration with Daily Statistics (media uploads, size, likes etc.)
  • Configurable new/recent media blocks that can be placed anywhere on your forum using Widget Framework, XenPorta or template edits
  • Compatibility with [bd] Attachment Store to allow for external storage of uploaded media and thumbnails over a CDN
  • Fully responsive, fully configurable style
  • Embed videos from your favourite sites by leveraging the power of BB Code Media sites
  • Tag your members in photos
  • Media items can be tagged and popular tags displayed in a tag cloud
  • Image editing tools, watermarking, rotate, flip and crop images
  • Set up custom fields for use on media items
  • Full integration with EXIF data including display of various stats (configurable in options) and re-orientating images
  • Easy to use Admin CP Interface
  • Configurable width/height for thumbnails plus a framework for retrieving thumbnails from BB Code Media sites (may require additional development work for non-default media sites)
  • Inline moderation for moderators and inline management for users of media items

Content can be imported from various other software and XenForo third party add-ons.
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