TradeMe with API to create custom trades (1.7.10-1.20.x)

MC Plugin TradeMe with API to create custom trades (1.7.10-1.20.x)
Trade by Items/Money/Exp/McMMO/Jobs exp/Residence/GriefPrevention

  • Potential fix for bedrock users getting blank screen after trade is over
  • Additional protections against people who likes to exploit with cheats
  • Some internal code cleanup
  • Now trade forcing can be done from console
  • Multiple areas got additional updates relating to people dupe attempts
  • Few additional checks relating to "stuck" trade state due to rare instances where player remains marked as trading while not actually being in a trade mode
  • Fix for potential exploit
  • Some internal code cleanup
  • Fixing issue relating to item dupe with help of some hack tools. Additionally its recommended to update CMILib which includes extra protections on top of this.
  • Small fix for offered items not recognizing tag data
  • Adjust visualization for most trades when it comes to traded amounts to avoid showing fractions
  • Fix for issue relating to players without permission to trade items still being able to do so
Fixing issue introduced in latest patch which could have removed items placed in trade window if you closed trade without accepting it.
Don't forget to update CMILib as newest version will be required for this update to work properly.
  • Small fix while recording trade information into database
  • Small change for dupeLogs relating to click event being canceled or not.
  • Added options to disable exploit detector. We will have this option disabled by default, so enable it if you want to perform this check on trading.
  • Added option to disable item reset if potential item exploit was detected. When enabled we will reset players items to original state as it was at start of trade, which means that if player gained items with exploiting or not while trade window was opened would be lost. You can disable this to prevent potential legit item loss while allowing potential item dupe to go through while still having record in console about potential exploit with items list.
  • Fix for issue where items could be removed from offer while confirmation of trade was already running
  • Added better detection by player nick name, this will require you to update CMILib plugin
  • Fix for possible item loss in case you die while having items placed in trade menu
  • Fix for filler itemstacks having their original name and not empty field as it should
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